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Getting ready to ZipLine at YS Falls

It’s not Christmas without an adventure and this year’s road trip to YS Falls proved to be one of the curviest, wackiest of all! But before we get into all that, let us get our toes wet with a day trip to Blue Hole, White River, St. Ann!

Blue Hole, St. Ann

While I’ve been to Blue Hole before, it wasn’t a very successful trip as it rained heavily the morning of our trip and left the blue hole rather brown. I thought it would be fun to take my ex and our daughter there for a quick day trip before our full on annual adventure so we packed up in my little june-buggy and headed out around mid-morning. When we got there, we were approached by locals offering to take us on the tour and I obliged the first one that approached us. I knew this would come back to bite me in the ass, if only just a little.

blue hole st ann jamaica

I won’t discredit the young man too much as he took us through about four different spots in the river where we could either jump in, slide through a rapid or swing from a rope. It was so much fun! Even munchkin who can be a huge scaredy cat ended up jumping in the water with poppa a few times. My only complaint was that the guide did not take us up to the main waterfall area, the one I had been to originally, even though I asked him to repeatedly. There’s always next time!

Notice how munchkin was ready to go and daddy ended up being the scared one. Ha. I flopped in the water off the rope a couple times myself, it can be much harder than it looks. (That’s my story…!)

YS Falls, St. Elizabeth

Two days later we headed out for the South Coast. We’ve been to this part of the island before at Christmas time, but there’s truly so much of the South to explore that we’re still not even done yet. This time, we set our eye on Y.S. Falls for the waterfalls and the ziplining it promised. The property that this attraction sits on is absolutely amazing. Expansive, lush, green, breathtaking. Complete with a stud farm and horses roaming the property. We hopped on a tram and headed up the the main event.


The falls were beautiful. Tiered and toppling and I couldn’t wait to dive in. But first, zipline. I’m not sure why I thought my five year old scaredy cat would even think of giving it a try, but after seeing her jump into the Blue Hole several times I thought she had grown some baby balls.

Some of YS Falls St. Elizabeth 20151230_132150

When we finally got to the top of the falls, she hollered so bad. Her daddy had to take her back down to base. I went first and tried to hold it in so she wouldn’t see me hollering scared shitless when I went off, trying to be brave. It’s pretty scary though, I mean, that drop ain’t pretty homie! The very first line was a little tame, just enough to get your feet wet I guess. The longest line on the trail was as fun as it was scary! And that was only the middle line. By then I was ready for it to be over! Tip: never go with a huge group, too much of a wait time inbetween each line. Wait until smaller groups are going for a much more fun and exhilarating time doing line after line. 20151230_160749

YS Falls Postcard. Isn’t this picture perfect? I must get it framed. (Update, I did!) Daddy went to zip after I did and then we all took turns swinging off the ropes and jumping into the water. We moved on to explore a couple of their shallow pools around the property too.


I even supported their gift shop. Got some rasta-coloured earrings and an oversized Jamaican-painted mug. The prices weren’t as gougey as I expected for a tourist destination.

Speaking of tourist destinations, in true me-style, I didn’t book a hotel for us to stay in that night. Kinda figured we’d just head to Negril and wing it. I forgot that we were in peak tourist winter season. Ha! After stopping at several fully-booked hotels and one with a room for an arm and a leg, we finally came up on one that had a last minute cancellation in a room that was close to the street instead of the beach where their wifi didn’t pick up. Ah well. We took it and snuggled in. It was at least a clean and pleasant room. We showered and hit the Negril strip in search of dinner for the night and even though there were some hickups, I’m so happy that we went with my first choice. Stay tuned for that restaurant review in an upcoming post.

Meanwhile, have you ever been to YS Falls? What are you waiting on! It’s a must. Here are a few more pics

20151230_161632 20151230_161321 20151230_153356 20151230_145038 20151230_153511 20151230_155814 20151230_133727


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