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Don’t Be A Grinch: The Best Reasons To Get Into The Holiday Spirit

There was a space between childhood and having my own child where I kinda stopped caring about Christmas. It became just a party season so it meant filling my wardrobe and my calendar with new and exciting things.

Beautiful Christmas Smile

I would still attend dinner at my family’s house, I would even buy gifts and prepare a meal to take with me. But I was out in time to go to a party on Christmas night. As you can imagine, having the energy to go out after preparing dinner at my home for my own family is more of a dream upon a falling star than reality.

Though there was that time where Christmas lost it’s meaning for me as a young adult, there was never a time where I outright didn’t enjoy the holiday season.

Munchkin at the Christmas Tree

The Most Overused Christmas Grinch Complaint

I am so tired of hearing how Christmas isn’t the same again and it’s so commercialized. I’ve been hearing it since high school. You know why? Because it always was commercialized. But before high school, I. Was. A. Child. I didn’t know what commercialized was yet.

All of these complainers have the same complaint, Christmas was fun when we were young. Well…thank your mother or whoever ensured that. Thank your pa…your gammy…thank whoever held the tradition up in your household so you had a Christmas.

Now you’re grown and know the harsh reality of what Christmas “really is.” Like I was crushed the day I found out my mommy was the tooth fairy. CRUSHED!

But, I am excited to sneak money under my baby’s pillow in a couple of years. [Update: This has gone over swimmingly until the day I forgot to put the money under her pillow.]

Christmas Dinner at My House

I say all this to say, it’s your turn you grinch! The magic is not gone, it’s now your turn to make it happen. Make it special for your little cousin, your niece, your nephew…your mom, your pa…your gammy who sacrificed her December pension so you could feel Christmas. Take part in the neighbourhood treat or visit a home for disadvantaged people who have no Christmas.

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Every holiday is this way. Stores are there to make money and they will take every opportunity to do so. In February…we’ll be hearing this cry all over again as Valentine’s Day ads flood our timelines. Mainly from the singles…let’s keep it real. It is up to you to make these holidays what you want.

Mommy and Me Christmas

I have always loved Christmas for the food, the family time and the pretty lights and crisp air. I have great memories of family coming together, whether on a small scale or on a large one and now that I have my own family I am even more excited about Christmas.

What do I hope to pass on to my lil dumplin about Christmas time? I want her to cherish family time. I want her to be grateful for life’s mercies, for everything she has and will have, for all her opportunities and disappointments. I want her to use the season to look back on what the year brought and learn the lessons that were lived so she can move forward into a new year that much wiser.

Munchkin and the Tree

But for now while she’s a baby, I just want her to be happy in the coming together of her extended family, the sharing, the warmth, the love and of course all the food! This time of year I visit with people who I haven’t seen maybe all year long and it warms my heart. These are the things I want to pass on to my munchkin, along with a few new traditions. Here’s a post on munchkin’s Christmas in the BVI right before her second birthday.

Baby Munchkin and the Christmas Tree

Before munchkin, I was still not a Grinch. I made Christmas about my friends and my family and connected with them. I looked forward to shopping and partying. Christmas is the Superbowl of partying! You may not like partying as much as I loved it but whatever you do like, I guarantee you it goes harder this time of year. Get. Into. It. C’mon guys. Find a reason to live, love and laugh and stop bitchin.


You Grinch!

Here are some gift ideas for the Jamaican in your life whether a Jamaican living overseas or the friend who visited and loved it! (Or wants to visit and counts down the days)

Enjoy a Jamaican Christmas carol, one of my favourites. Hopefully, it will begin to get you into the spirit of the holidays.

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  1. I read this post a few days ago and kept thinking about it as Christmas draws close. I sooooo agree with it. Every time I think that I'm not feeling the Christmas spirit, I think that it's not about me feeling it, it's about me making it feel like Christmas. Thanks for your input. It rang very true to me.

  2. I totally agree. Make the holidays what you want them to be. Just because something’s commercialized doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy time with your friends and family, good food and maybe even some prezzies. Great post 🙂