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Happy new year!!! How was your holidays? Munchkin is having a fabulous time! See:

Setting in the vanity, tsk tsk tsk lol. Christmas is all about the kids! And who doesn’t love big box presents! She had lots of fun putting up the Christmas tree and ripping open presents when Santa finally came. She’s still lost on who this Santa guy is but she sure loves saying “ho ho ho merry missmas” 🙂 We went to a pot luck on Christmas day…

But that didn’t satisfy my holiday hosting spirit so I held my own potluck on New Year’s Day. We invited over some friends and I made a humongous white cheese chicken lasagna loosely based on this recipe and hubby’s fave bread pudding. Hubs made pork chops and we had salad and meatballs accompanying. The food was amaaaaaaazing! It always feel great to receive rave reviews after what feels like forever slaving over a hot stove.


It felt much more like the holidays. Laughter, chatter, games, leftovers! Munchkin was stylin’

Of course we had to fit in a few trips to the different beaches right 🙂 I wish he’d stop trying to play swim coach when munchkin has just begun to love the water as much as we do!

So that’s the gist of our holiday. Much less partying and shopping than Jamaica but lots of new places seen, bonds strengthened and memories created… how was yours?

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