My family is big on vacationing. Don’t just work work work…enjoy the fruits of your labour. Many of us die while still working, never getting the chance to retire and see the world. I’m trying to do it while I’m working. Pinch a little now save a little for later and hope we make it to later. I’m passing on the love of travel to my munchie. Not all the while we need to leave our shores. We live in a tropical paradise that people all over the world have on their list of places to visit and many of never stop to take in the beauty of our own little island. This Christmas past, I struck Jake’s St. Elizabeth and Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant off my list.

I heard about Jakes through those of my friends who enjoy artistic vibes and literary festivals. Apparently, Jakes hosts one every year called Calabash. The pictures are always fabulous so I decided I must go. I’ve also always wanted to visit the Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant, but I’m not a big fan of crowds and rushed food. When boo came to visit, I took a few days off from work and decided we should head south.

You know I’ve always wondered how people live in remote areas like way up on that hill. We were already driving through a pretty remote area itself, Burnt Savannah, so what is life like waaaaay up in them hills? This was with as much zoom as my little point and click could manage. Anyway, we took the long way around as I wanted to throw in Y.S. Falls in our trip but they close on a Monday 🙁

So I discovered Google maps on my trip. How ever did I live without it before? The only downside of course with it is the direction aspect. It is showing the shortest route, which in Jamaica doesn’t always mean the best roads. But man did we drive through some remote areas! My car is still bawling from the trip but it was well worth it. When we finally got to Jakes it was worth it a little more. It is so peaceful and breathtaking at the same time. Just what we needed. In reception, there’s a shelf full of Off! and other insect repellents. They’re trying to tell you something. When we got to our room and saw the net covering the bed, we heard the message loud and clear. When we asked for a crib for munchie to sleep in and they brought a net for that too? I got scared!

The room was spacious and comfortable and the bathroom was clean and roomy. The greenery outside was giving me life though. It is a gorgeous property. We walked down to the beach side to dine at Jack Sprat seafood restaurant. Lunch was jerked lobster and shrimp in coconut cream. Both delicious dishes. I don’t think I started out a fan of the jerked lobster. Seafood dies in too much seasoning, but as I ate it I enjoyed it more and more. Munchkin was a fan of the coconut water. But then, munchkin is a fan of most foods…

She wasn’t a fan of the sea though. We didn’t stay long. It was a little cold and a little rough and rocky and we had eyed the hammock back at Jake’s that was calling our name. All three of us fell asleep in this here hammock. Looks sunny and too hot to be sleeping out in a hammock right? We were going through a delicious coldfront at the time that came with a nice chilly breeze, making the sun quite bearable and our little hammock nap quite comfortable.

As night came down and we went to dinner, we fought the attack of the gigantic mosquitoes that we were so loudly warned about before. Munchkin was all bundled up and covered in repellent and I used the oil version as a moisturizer for my skin. Left dinner with minimal bruises and a delicious New York style sorrel cheesecake. Yummy!

We spent the next morning just kinda laying around and enjoying the property and our breakfast before heading on the road again. Boo didn’t fare too well with the mosquitoes overnight but munchie and I left with minimal battle scars. He’s too sensitive. Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant gave me everything I needed and a little bit more. We ordered every dang thing on the menu except crab.

My munchkin knows nothing but healthy food so she for one enjoyed her pops’ visit for all the bad stuff he fed her. Hmph. It was a vacation. She’s back on her healthy veggies now. One of the best part of this lunch was eating some of the food the next day. Being able to smell the beach while munching on lobster was fantabulous. This is one of many trips to Little Ochi Seafood for me. I still want to make it down to YS Falls so yeah…we’ll definitely stop here for some grilled lobster and garlic shrimp.

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