Boxy Sequinned Top

Christmas Trend: Sequin is IN!

Sequins are always in for the holiday season, I don’t think that will ever change. Nothing spells glamour and sparkle quite like a fab sequinned piece. What changes from year to year are the cuts and shapes, so update your Christmas wardrobe with a few of these pieces! But first… lemme take a selfie

Boxy Sequinned Top

Sparkle in the day time honey! Every now and then Jamaican stores DO go through a period where they really need to get rid of old stock and so they remember what the term sale is actually supposed to mean. Not that 15% stuff they like to do. I saw this top in a store for only $1000 (less than US$10)  and grabbed it up because a sparkle top is always relevant. I paired it with these coral shorts and super high silver pumps for some day time shine.

20141105_115330 20141105_115226

Kingston ciddy! Oh my dayz. (reference) This metallic sequin top (below) that I found on Amazon is the perfect day time sparkle top. It’s slouchy off-the-shoulder look oozes “oh this, I just threw this old thing on” effortless chic and it’s also easy on the pocket. It comes in blue, pink and black as well.

metallic sequin top
These leggings are perfect if you’d prefer to sparkle down below. Add glamour to these chillier nights with these multi-media bottoms which I chose specifically because I somehow do not want to try sitting on a pair of sequinned pants. These also come in a variety of colours. Leather is in now as well so don’t worry, you’ll still be on trend.

sequin leggings
Go full on GLAM with this backless long-sleeved sequin dress that also comes in gold and jewel-toned shades of emerald green and royal blue. Hot mama!

backless sequin dress

And for those of us who would prefer to add a pop of shine via accessories, try this BCBG clutch or these cute Jessica Simpson sequinned flats for your Christmas run-around.

sequin flats sequin clutch

How will you be incorporating sequins into your holiday wardrobe? I have my eyes on this Aztec-print skirt!

aztec print sequin skirt

Going somewhere formal for the holidays? Bam! This blue mermaid dress or this blush pink number are sure to turn heads!

blue sequin dresspink sequin dress





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