I heard about Conversation Piece last year and noted it as something I’d like to check out but never followed up on it. Recently I saw it floating across my timeline again and responded saying that the conversation might fly over my head (or pocket) but I’d still love to be in the mix and blog about it. It comes across as a very sophisticated event for ladies who brunch. You know, the type that sends the kids off to school, then jumps in the gym, then goes to the spa for mani, pedi, massage and hair and then meets up with the gals for a spot a tea? Yeah, those.

Since I aspire to be exactly on of those ladies in the future, I decided that this time around I’d definitely check it out. Even if I couldn’t actually buy, it would be great to meet the artists and rub shoulders with those who are where I want to be in some sense. So what exactly is Conversation Piece?

Art, photography, delicious eats, unusual home accents, handmade bags, statement jewelry and much more! It sounds fabulous! 


Pic snagged from last year’s look book. Browse it on the Conversation Piece website and sign up here to get a copy of 2012’s look book as soon as it’s available! More from last year’s look book:

I’m in LOVE with that green necklace and the delicacy of this white body suit is sexy! If I had little boobs I’d be all over it.  What to expect at Conversation Piece 2012?

I’ve marked my calendar! Will you be there? Come on out and support these Jamaican designers at what promises to be a fabulous event! Of course, look out for my post and if the sale gods are kind to me, maybe I’ll pick up a bauble or two!


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