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I’ve been to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Atlanta, North Carolina and Panama 😐 but nowhere compares to New York. From walking the hood streets of Brooklyn hearing people curse bomboclaats and seeing fights pop off right out on the stoop like I’m back in Nannyville Gardens, to walking the crowded, buzzing Manhattan streets with weirdos, uptowners and everything in between, its is a magical place. Them Times Square bright lights really do make you come alive. I used to love sitting on the subway from Manhattan heading to Brooklyn and watch the skin colour of the people slowly get darker as we moved away from the city. The trains are always interesting and them train singers are always so talented.

empire state

This last trip of mine, I made a decision to visit some of the spots people talk about visiting whenever in New York, because as many times as I have been to the city, I have never seen it the way a tourist should. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of all the spots we went to, but I’ll share the ones I have. Pictures kind of eluded me on this trip, I was busy enjoying being with hubby and my mommy and forgot about the pics for the most part.

The Empire State Building was first up. Our Jamaica Pegasus is only 18 stories high so I was excited to get up in a building that had over 100 floors. The views were breathtaking! I can only imagine what it must be like at sunset or even at night! I didn’t want to go late though, as much as it was March, New York was still quite freezing. I had to go when the “sun” was “out”

We were able to see the Statue of Liberty from the ESB, it was on my list of things to do we just never got around to it so it was nice to at least catch a glimpse. Also on my list was a visit to Central Park but in the cold that would have made no real sense. I have to do this again one summer. Or fall.

For this trip we opted to stay in a hotel and rent a car. For the first time ever, we were driving through the streets of Manhattan instead of training and subwaying it. It was quite an experience driving on Wall Street, passing the 9/11 WTC spot, being stuck in midtown traffic and cruising thru China Town. Even with GPS we got off track a few times as the signal got lost in between all those high buildings. Parking is also a bitch but we only live once and experiencing New York this was truly worth it.

Have you heard about Junior’s cheesecake. I’ve had it once from their spot in the Grand Central Station and I wasn’t impressed. This time I went to the famous restaurant itself and meh. Give me Wyndham’s cheesecake anyday! The food was good though, hubby had the salmon and I chose to get adventurous and try the beef brisket since the one at Jamaica Pegasus’ tweet up was sooo good. Again, Pegasus has them beat on the food but lunch was fun, Marley was enjoying herself thoroughly and our waiter looked like this guy —>

Remember the Love Boat? I tell you he brought me back! Most of the waiters were from Jamaica or were trying to be Jamaican too. It was kind of hilarious hearing the different conversations around us.

So our hotel was in Jersey. I figured we’d save a few dollars by staying in Jersey instead of New York. While it was a cool space and all, and it ensured that we had parking if we wanted to run out to the pharmacy or the coffee shop, it also made me realise that Jersey is quite boring. People don’t dress up to go to dinner or the movies? I know if I were anywhere in NYC, I’d have been at home in my new heels. Not so much in Jersey. Speaking of new heels, my next post might be a pictorial of my NY haul. I got so many cute shoes, I’ll be sure to share a few! 😀

So I know you’ve seen me mention hubby and not BF a few times in this post and you’re wondering whats up right? When did this change happen? Isn’t spontaneity a beautiful thing?!?!?! I came back from my trip a married woman!!! And while I may not be able to enjoy the honeymoon phase as we still live in two different countries, that will soon be a thing of the past and I’m so excited! My family will finally be all together and living a normal family life and I am SO ready. Hopefully sometime soon we will have a ceremony but for now, I am happy. Enjoy a few pics from our trip below.


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