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So I wrote about what I thought Conversation Piece was all about last week and I’m here to say, I was pleasantly surprised. I was advised to get there early so that I wouldn’t miss all the bargains, but I couldn’t make it until late afternoon. None-the-less, it was a great shopping experience. The decor of the Spanish Court hall was elegant and calm and sure did give me that “ladies that brunch” feel. I appreciated the ambiance that was set and made my way around to the different vendors. Of course the two vendors that stuck out are the ones who engaged in a friendly and chatty manner. I’ll keep this post short on words and let the pictures speak as it’s a very pic heavy post. My favourite was photographer Sabriya Simon. She uses natural lighting only and takes pictures that speak to the soul. These images were mounted on both foam and canvas, allowing for different budgets as well as different uses. I appreciated that. Her spread:


She has a tumblr page with all her awesome photography. I wanted to ask her to shoot my family pics for Christmas but I’m afraid of her costs lol! She’s awesome, here she is:


I so want a few of those foam pieces decorating my home. ASD Clothing was the next booth over. The designer was also on hand and came over to check on me as I perused the pieces.

IMG_3584 IMG_3585

Liking the details on this gold piece. Neutral with coloured strings and embellishments. Cute! Beach bum worthy 🙂 My next favourite was definitely Topp In Designs. Everything made with paper and they were all truly unique. Look at this cutey little box-frame-candle-holder thingy.

IMG_3586 IMG_3587

Cute right? Pretty things you didn’t even know you needed. Christmas cards? Wrapping paper?

IMG_3589 IMG_3590

See those cute little gift tags to the right in the above pic? I bought a bunch! Christmas tags for everybody! No gifts, just tags 🙂 LOL


These were some cute canvas, I think, wallets, clutches and iPad cases. I didn’t see a designer on hand to ask but I liked the clutches very much. Handmade usually means unique.


A few more bags on display, doubt they were from the same designer. I liked them though and would have loved to know if they were made here by hand. Who doesn’t love a good tote? The orange was my kinda style.

IMG_3593 IMG_3594 IMG_3596 IMG_3597 IMG_3598 IMG_3599 IMG_3600 IMG_3602

Handmade jewelry! Baubles and Threads! Reds, golds, turquoises and emerald greens! Unique and pretty. I love them all. I would have surely took home a few if I could. They were all so pretty, the pictures don’t do any justice.

IMG_3603 IMG_3604

Artwork of pretty little curly haired girls and women. I truly liked this collection, doesn’t the woman in the middle with the blue locs remind you of me? Ok no she doesn’t but I wanted to bring her home. Her or the little curly-haired ballerina, that one reminds me of my munchkin who truly thinks she is one.


Pretty lanterns! Everything was pretty! I was like a kid in a candy-store hehe! No I truly did like these lanterns, but again, no one to talk to about them so I’m not sure if they’re made here or what material they are, but hey, they’re pretty. And if I were at ladies who brunch status, I’d buy one. 🙂

IMG_3606 IMG_3607

There was someone manning this booth above but she advised she wasn’t the designer so we went on to chat about about our love for natural hair ^_^ Wait…am I ratting her out? Let’s move along…


Patrons joining the conversation…

IMG_3609 IMG_3610 IMG_3611

These are cute right? Unique mugs and saucers? Look a little cactus garden. Cacti garden? Anyway, I think these would be cute on a kitchen window sill or an apartment balcony.

IMG_3612 IMG_3613

So of course I had to try a drunken sweetie ^_^ but if you click on the picture and look at the ingredients… for a DIYer like myself…. -__-


 A good time was had by all. But I think we can all agree that at events like these, it’s important for the designers to be on hand to engage. Or at least someone knowledgeable and interested in making a sale. Don’t you think so? Did you catch it? Pick up any goodies? Conversation Piece has definitely earned a spot on my calendar as long as the keep finding these great artists out there.

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