I shared this article on my social media pages and it got so much traction that I wanted to share it one more time for all the folks in the back. It’s an article called 8 Foods People Think Are Healthy (But Aren’t) and while all 8 points are definitely valid and worth committing to, one point stuck out more for me than the others because I’ve been tryna tell y’all to cook with coconut oil!

coconut oil

Do y’all see what that said? Listen. Read it again. Oh, you don’t believe? Read it again on Men’s Health here and Living Strong here! Now, they’re not saying you can’t cook with olive oil any at all. The problem is when it begins to smoke, like when we’re cooking fish or if you’re frying. If you’re simply quickly sauteing some veggies, you get a pass. I don’t cook with olive oil any at all because I had long found out about the goodness of cooking with coconut oil instead, but I do use it in my homemade salad dressing and of course in my hair. 🙂

Read through the rest of the article, it’s got some good points! Now, for my ladies working on their summer body and worried about being able to fit in their bikinis, this one’s for you. How to fit in a bikini body:


Saw it floating around on the interwebs and had to share. Get with it.


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