Copperwood Pork shows us the Best Pork in Town


Copperwood Pork is Jamaica’s only formally branded pork product if I’m not mistaken, offering fresh and cured cuts of pig at their Pork Store and in supermarkets islandwide that are raised and processed to the highest of standards at our local farms. They’ve teamed up with several Kingston restaurants to offer what has been deemed the “Best Pork in Town” lunch special which is simply a discounted but delicious pork meal using Copperwood Pork at some fine dining establishments in hopes that you’ll continue to order pork from these restaurants whenever you dine there since they all get their pork straight from Copperwood.

As someone who isn’t the biggest of pork fan, I accepted the invitation with some scepticism. Surely I’ve tried jerk pork before and it was nothing to write home about and I have tried to cook pork on several occasions which again wasn’t as good as my beloved chicken breast so I wasn’t so sure Copperwood and these restaurants would convince me that pig was as yummy as some of y’all want me to believe. I do love me some bacon however so I was mildly excited to be converted. My first stop was Alexander’s at the Courtleigh Hotel for a group lunch with some fellow bloggers and social media influencers. I have met the chef here before but was not able to dine with him so I was excited to see and taste his creation and boy was I blown away!

Spicy jerk pork tenderloin at Alexander's

The meal was a spicy jerk pork tenderloin with cheesy calalloo, candied plantains and corn fritters. It was amazing! There were three very bold flavours on the plate mellowed out by the delicious and flavourful corn fritter which wasn’t to be ignored and I enjoyed every bite. For such bold sauces and spices, I expected to be overwhelmed and turned off after a few bites but I cleaned my plate for sure. This was delicious! If I ever buy pork to cook in my home it will for sure be the tenderloin. The breast lover in me truly appreciates such a fine cut of meat. Cheese and calalloo always work together and I didn’t expect someone to try and candy something as naturally sweet as fried ripe plantains but the cherry flavour was welcomed. I loved everything about this meal.


Smoked Pork Chop at Ribbiz

My next stop was Ribbiz to try their smoked pork chop which was equally as good! I’m still in awe that I am having such a good experience on my pork lunch tour. I might be a convert. It was smoked to perfection, crispy on the outside and served with an amazingly delicious pineapple sauce. Curried potato croquettes and a salad served as sides, both equally delicious and complementing.

I have never ever ever ordered pork while dining out but after these two experiences, I won’t be so quick to pass over the pork dish! Amazing. Have you been munching on some pork for lunch? Do tell where’s the Best Pork in Town?

The Copperwood Pork lunch specials continue until July 4 so go forth and try you some pork dishes and hashtag #BPIT2014 to let us know how you’re experience was! See all the participating restaurants on the Copperwood Facebook page.

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