Cottage Cheese and Avocado Veggie Wrap

Been a while, I know. Took some time to actually live! And it was wonderful…August is becoming rebuild and reconnect month for me as the years go by. Anyway you know that I’ve been on my health grind and I’ve been having success with it, so I’ve gone from sticking my toes in, to sticking my knee in and now I think I’m at hip depth. At first, it was a simple switch to green smoothies. Then, I added walking/jogging. Now, I’m getting more and more adventurous with my healthy meals!

All the greens a girl could need! See, what happened was, I started to look at the meals I was cooking and having for lunch and asking myself, but where’s the veggie? Just this week I made the most amazing baked fish in spicy dijon mustard and had it with roasted irish and sweet potatoes and carrots. I kept thinking to myself that while nothing is wrong with some potatoes, a girl trying to lose weight should maybe be having this awesome baked fish with a salad or at least with some greens in a wrap.

I’ve always been afraid of homemade salads and wraps because I’m not a huge vinaigrette fan which probably meant I was gonna have some creamy dressing. I decided to start looking into some different options, so I could use my greens to eat, not just drink. Now, those of you who’ve been on this healthy kick for a while or just love you a good salad, you probably know all this already and none of this is news to you. This post is for my peoples who eat traditional chicken and rice and peas everyday for lunch and want to deviate and do better but ain’t got the slightest clue. So last night when I came home with my big ol batch of fresh greens, I decided to make a wrap. Cheese and tomato go good together right? It’s everybody’s fave and I bought a tub of cottage cheese for a pretty reasonable price so I decided to test it out in my wrap and see how it would go.

One of my favourite salads at Wendy’s -__- is the Baja salad. This is surprising to me because I’ve always hated onions growing up, but I guess as my palate matures it’s able to appreciate the flavour as this salad has red onions on it and I love it! The spicy kick mixed in the avocado, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes is great and so I decided to recreate that in my wrap. Except I didn’t use any lettuce. One of my pet peeves with buying salads, everybody uses only lettuce. I was able to score spinach and kale from my supermarket which can be¬†rarities, plus I had my mixed greens basket that I order every week that comes with arugula in it too. I laid am mixture of that down on my wrap along with diced tomatoes, avocado and red onions and got to work on my cheese sauce. I used two tablespoons of cottage cheese, a little fresh dill, salt, pepper, a squeeze of lime juice and a small forkfull of minced garlic in oil. It. Was. DELISH!!!

Yummmmmm!!! When I tell you that I had left over jerked chicken in the fridge and I didn’t even feel the need to bring it out to put in my wrap. It was so delicious! And the cottage cheese was probably giving me all the protein I need anyway, no need for the chicken. This one definitely goes into the arsenal for those nights when I don’t feel like cooking. Look at me making wraps and loving salads! I am coming a long way.

I’m not about to stop juicing, but I’m trying to ease up on some of the carbs. This wrap was multi-grain and the wrap itself was only 160 calories. Next up, I try homemade vinaigrette: lime juice, olive oil, salt pepper. I hear this simple mix is great on a salad. ūüėÄ

Simple, clean, healthy, filling, yummy! Will you give this wrap or the cottage cheese dressing a try?

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  1. That looks SO good! I love the Baja salad too, so you’re not alone with that. Lol. I’m definitely going to try this wrap this weekend – never had cottage cheese in my life, but can’t hurt to try it, right?