I was on tumblr the other day when somebody asked the Louboutin stan account if they owned a pair of Loubous. The response: 

You see that? I’m not down with that. I get why she’d want that pair, I mean you finally got some Loubies you wanna wear them with everything right? But me? Nawl. That’s a basic black pump. That’s for people who can afford to buy 50 pairs of Loubies. You need a basic black pump, a Loubie will do. But budget diva me who can only lust at the showcase from the outside has finally come up in life where I can blow some money on some expensive shoes… I’m going all out!

These are the pair I covet! 

Beautiful! I’m not the biggest fan of the Daffs height, I would take this same colour in the pigalle but I’m in love with the colour and the embellishments!  Or if I did go basic black pumps, I’d at least jazz it up a bit no?

Gorgeous!!!! What’s your favourite pair of Loubies? Which way would you swing, simple, goes with everything or smash it out the ball park fancy?


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