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Crazy Ears – Basketball Wives Inspired

Earrings are getting bigger and bigger eh?!?!?! I wore a pair yesterday that touched my shoulders and I kept shoo-ing away some imaginary fly that I thought was buzzing around me! How silly 😀  If you follow these women on Basketball Wives your ears will be touching your knees soon…aren’t these dangerous? I “skkaned” through a party album recently and saw that the bigger, longer trend in earrings is definitely what’s up…


Are you on the big earring trend? I’ve seen some that look very pretty, but I admit that I am scared to wear any out to a party where something could get snagged in it and rip off half my ear! Ow! Yes these are the things I think about. Some of them look so very heavy too…saggy ears? -__-

I like the idea of statement earrings, no need for a necklace. Marsha in the first pic looks so cute in a neutral outfit with pops of colour via earrings and nails. I like the very on-trend peplum top and skirt in the second girl’s pic….and I’m done.   I think with my short hair I could use some big earrings but when does big become overwhelming?

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5 thoughts on “Crazy Ears – Basketball Wives Inspired

  1. Theyre cute but I’m not fond of split earlobes either. I just know one of my twins will snatch one and run. Leaving me bleeding and crying in a corner somewhere. A friend of mine wears a earring necklace all the time. It goes from ear to ear. I just don’t find those to be appealing.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. Some earrings are big but are not heavy on the ears. Some materials are light, like feather earrings, thread earrings,and even some of the long earrings with chains.

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