This was a fun line with lots of very wearable pieces. If I were a buyer for a major department store I would be all over this designer. More on the designer from the Pulse CFW Blog

 Born to a Jamaican mother and British father, the Los Angeles based Hill spent her time living between the Cayman Islands and London. This constant change in environment informed her early choices of exploring different roles in the fashion business. Having worked as a fashion stylist and a fashion television personality, it was natural to shift into another gear as a fashion designer. “For me, fashion is about flexibility and creativity. My early travels exposed me to women from all parts of the world and how they dressed and, from then, I have always been fascinated by their style and how their culture influences what they wear. I feed my creativity with extensive global travel,” says Hill.

Combining her education in fashion (Hill attended Central Saint Martin’s in London) and finance, she launched Crown Atelier in 2006. Her line got immediate attention when a friend of the designer’s wore one of her blouses to an USmagazine party in Hollywood and several high profiled personalities began making enquiries about her clothes. The contacts she made at this fateful party lead her to a role on the VH1 fashion series, Glam God and there was no looking back to this talented emerging designer.
Hill describes her aesthetic as classic and fun. Her client is both the woman who wants to be fashionable at the office as well one who wants the full glamour treatment for the red carpet. In fact, the line has already got the attention of the red carpet set with such young A-list actors as Keira Knightly of Pirates of the Caribbean fame among the celebrities who have worn Crown Atelier.
I love this dress that’s touching on several trends at once, sheer, rise and fall hemlines and colour-blocking.

Pictures from the Pulse Facebook Page. Contact the designer through her website here.


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