Curly-Centric’s Natural Hair Meet-up

When I was featured on Curly Nikki, one of the most common questions I was asked was where are these natural hair meet-ups I spoke of, so I shared the latest one on my facebook page, and I’m just now coming back in from it. I wanted to write this post now while everything was still fresh in my head. It was a Curly-centric meet-up and it featured Anya of I Heart My Hair who was also representing the Curls line with small bottles for sale. I’ve heard about the Curls line before but I didn’t indulge. I’ve recently found some thing I really like and I’m sticking with them for now. I’ll share soon of course! But back to the meet-up.


Anya and I. There was a packed house as usual with naturals of all ages and stages of natural hair. I enjoyed seeing all the different styles and textures and I met a couple other bloggers and vloggers too, I love meeting other Jamaicans who are blogging about natural hair. I missed the earlier segment,  where they discussed heat and hair styling and there was a dermatologist there too to answer hair questions. I took lots of pics of all the hair! Here I am with vlogger Findingthebalance302 in the center and another naturalista in attendance.


I think I’ve found a hair crush, look at her wash and go!

20130309_170232 20130309_170238

I really loved this cane-rowed hairstyle too. I’ve been loving them lately but I’m too lazy to go sit in a stylist’s chair.

20130309_165435 20130309_165428

My hair colour crush!!!! I want this colour NOW!

20130309_174142 20130309_174345

She says this is the result of finger-coiling the night before and then picking and fluffing the next morning. Another lady who had a lovely blonde colour:


This is quite a head of hair. She says she washes it every two days cause she works out a lot. Uhm…


The creator of Curly Centric, Trudy:


Locs were in the house too of course! LOVED the messy look of this one


Kristin, who’s gonna be trying henna again soon. I can’t wait to see how that turns out…


I took a lot more pics, check them out here on my facebook page! There’s so much diversity in natural hair! While there, I got my green juice on thanks to Live! Natural Juice Bar and connected with Sherelle of Asherlee Naturals.


I have a review coming up about this Jamaican natural hair line! Can’t wait for you to check it out. There were a couple of hair demonstrations using the Curls line and this was one of them, a wash and go.

20130309_175232 20130309_175105


Pictures of the above take down have been made available!

181027_365473036903500_1646391586_n 181027_365473040236833_735582171_n

POW! I love it. Heat-free styling WIN! Werk it gurl!

 There was of course the usual hand-made jewelry and natural hair salons representing. So, that’s what a Jamaican natural hair meet-up is like. Are you coming to the next one? For more info on these meet-ups, head on over to the Curly-Centric Fracebook page.

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