The Magnum Kings and Queens competition is a DJ competition on local TV here in Jamaica searching for the next big dancehall artiste. Truth be told, I haven’t seen a single episode, but every time it comes on, my twitter timeline blows up with “a wah dat Yanique have on?!?!” I finally bit the bullet and looked up her page on Facebook to get to the very bottom of this question. I picked what I thought was one of the better ones for the first image…you like? I think it’s so cute! We must remember that it is a dancehall themed show and dancehall fashion is outrageous, loud and revealing. That’s what I expected and that’s pretty much what I got. They picked the right girl too, she has a body a la Nicki Minaj! 

Waaaay too short. This reminds me of dancehall queen Carlene, remember her?

There was way too much going on with this outfit. The two different blues did it in for me. But dang hips for daaaaaays.

This was nice and simple by way of the show…but check out what this contestant was wearing…

Do. Not. Like. Return to sender.

I loved this one. It was another simple one for this type of show and I’m a boots type of gal so yeah. The belt did wonders for her already out-of-this-world shape too.

This was…interesting…LOVE the shoe

This one was very dancehall. Just the type of thing you expect to see at a street dance with Stone Love or stage show headlining Vybz Kartel or Mumma Saw singing “mi man a gimmie bun but a two man mi have”

One of the judges “Ms. Kitty” Girl that makeup and them nails…

She’s serious with them nails y’all. I guess if your name is Miss Kitty you gotta have the claws…

Miss Kitty is a pretty lady, I wish they’d go easy on the makeup! That foundation looks about 5 layers deep.

Some male fashion if you’re interested. The pale blue -__-

Well there you have it. Jamaican dancehall fashion at it’s finest? All pictures are from Yanique’s Facebook page. It seems she’s styled by a different designer/store every week so if you want specific information on a particular outfit, head on over to her page.

Which look was your favourite?


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