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Cherine in custom-made multi-colour leather earrings by Reve Jewelry

Cherine in custom-made multi-colour leather earrings by Reve Jewelry

A couple years ago I had a chat with Cherine Anderson about her style. I noticed then that she had a unique style about her that I liked and I reached out to get some of her secrets and inspirations. Cherine, who starred with Audrey Reid in the Jamaican classic Dancehall Queen in 1997 has moved on to a successful singing career, and she’s fresh off a tour opening for John Mayor!  That article has since been lost in the transfer from FashionOverStyle.Net to but here’s an update!

I saw some pictures of her attending the Miss Jamaica World pageant where she was slated to perform and I had to reach out again. Her hair and her bag spoke to me! Here’s what we spoke about

Q: When we last spoke you were all about bright colours, white and bangles. Has your style changed since then?

A: I think my style has evolved since the last time we spoke. I am paying, even more, attention to detail and the finish of the pieces I wear but I am still into colours, bright colours, they just make me happy. I still like wearing bracelets and exotic accessories but it all comes down to how a piece of clothing fits. I love comfort but I love to make a statement on stage, off stage I just like to rock that easy-going-but-hard-to-copy-kinda look, it’s really that ‘dancehall-soul’ way lol . I’ve never been too interested in blending in or being just like everyone else and as I mature I am owning my own style even more. I’ve learned more and more that it is all about ‘how you wear what you wear’ as opposed to ‘what you wear’.

Q: What trends/designers are you feeling now?

A: I can’t say I am loving any particular trends right now but I am really into custom-made one of a kind pieces. I get pretty much all my stage outfits, especially for tour, custom-made. I have also developed a new hobby of collecting vintage jackets and blazers. They just help to add that spunk to any outfit. I could wear something as simple as a pair of jeans shorts and a tank top but add really interesting vintage blazers to adds value to the overall outfit. I still love shoes. I’ve will always love heels, but I’m also like the different variations of gladiator-type sandals on the market as well as leather boots.

Q: Are there any local stylists and designers your working with or can recommend?

A: I do wear a lot of local designers but I’m not currently working with a stylist. I’ve always supported local brands and will continue to do so. I’ve been a big fan of Reve Jewellery, absolutely love the one of a kind pieces they create. I am also feeling Yaahdie Conscious, I think they represent my generation well, they are funky, sexy, cool and we like similar things. Other designers that I’ve worked with and really enjoy wearing are Ali Lue, Mutumbo, Poshe, Mamayashi and Pieces of Bianca. Jamaica is full of talented designers.

Q: Your natural hair is gorgeous, how do you care it?

A: Thank you. Natural hair is a lot of work. But I am blessed to have someone who helps me take care of my hair (big up to Tanica Rowe). Regular washing helps to keep it clean (especially in a hot climate like ours) but keeping it hydrated is most important. A friend introduced me to a line of products from Miss Jessies that just seem to work wonders with natural hair. My favourite products are Miss Jessies Curly Pudding and Miss Jessies Curly Buttercreme. I love the way it makes my hair feels and smells. It really softens my hair. I put it in big corn-rows at night and just loosen it in the morning.

Q: Do you have any specific products that you can’t do without?

A:  I can do without anything 🙂 but given the choice, I would prefer to always have my design essentials conditioning-shampoo and the super mint moisturizing conditioner. I like the tingle I get on my scalp when it’s in my hair. I also love real Shea Butter. I put it in my hair, and use it pretty much all over my body.

Q: What is the latest in the world of Cherine music right now?

A: It is really is all about the music for me right now. I’ve been truly blessed in 2010 and I am very thankful. Everything has been really great so far and I hope it continues. For the first four months this year I had the honour of opening with Michael Franti for John Mayer on his “Battle Studies” arena tour. The tour was a huge success and since then I’ve been finishing my own solo project. There are a lot of great things being planned. I’m now starting to promote my new singles “Ring The Alarm,” “Hall Of Fame” and “Love All Over Me”. My team and I are getting ready to shoot a new music video in a few weeks. I’m really excited about these new songs I think they will help to further showcase my “dancehall-soul” sound and show my growth as a writer. It’s all about new exciting music. We plan to tour this fall but we are really focused on Jamaica right now.

Thanks Cherine for another fab interview.Gorgeous as always! Here’s one of Cherine’s vids which is one of my faves, Talk if you talking.

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