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Dancehall Video: Gal a Bubble by Konshens

Funny how when you’re away from your country is when you do things that you don’t do when you’re at home to try and keep in the loop. Hubby commented recently that he didn’t realise I listened to Zip FM so much. I don’t usually listen to that radio station when I’m in JA as I’m not a fan of the ridiculous ads they run what seems like 500 million times for the day nor am I fan of just how much house/alternative/rock/spanish music they play. But, they stream for free online so whenever I’m home in the BVI, I’m probably listening to Zip. They keep my in the loop with what’s going on in Jamaica. 

Another thing I did to try and keep myself in the loop was go through the Jamaica Blog Awards categories and add all the winners and a bunch of the nominees to my google rss reader. I’ve found some real gems out there and one such gem was the winner for the music blog category, so aptly deserved. Msz Rockstar has a fantastic music blog and someone like me that’s not deeply rooted in the dancehall culture but loves a good bubble every now and then has been kept on top of the newest and hottest thanks to these two things.

This song is in heavy rotation on Zip FM and I’ve loved it since the first time I heard it so when I saw the blog post with it’s video I was excited. Of course, a song titled “Gal a Bubble” is gonna have a video featuring lots of that and bwoy, them girls put me to shame. Where can I learn to split and bubble like that? Please teach me.

Images and vid from this post.


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3 thoughts on “Dancehall Video: Gal a Bubble by Konshens

  1. Small world! I know ms rockstar from she born….grow up living beside me and our families are tight tight!!!! Big up Jodie!!!

  2. Just browsing through your blog. Ahhhh these are the things I miss about yard when I’m not there! People back home just don’t understand.

    This song is STILL all over the airwaves in JA….it cyaaa dun! What a fun tune 🙂

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