Dear 7 month old munchkin

Hi sweetie!

How happy am I that you came into mommy’s life and taught me exactly what the meaning of love is! I’m taking a minute to tell you how much I love you. And I know you love me too, from the mere fact that I still can’t get you to sleep in the crib. Matter fact, when you’re in the bed with me that still doesn’t suffice, you have to make sure you’re under my chin or kicking my ribs or something.

You’re quite the firecracker darling. At 4 months you were sitting up and at 5 months you were crawling’re own little version of crawling that is. Now you can stand and jump and even try to step off but you haven’t quite gotten the balance thing down pat. You’re eating from the big table now, chomping down on anything that passes your nose. I’ve yet to find a food that you don’t like…and with not even one tooth yet! When will you show off your pearly whites? That’s ok…mommy is in no rush to see them especially since we are still nursing.

You are such a happy-go-lucky child. You’ve had no illnesses since birth and you’re strong as ever. You’re truly a joy, everyone who meets you astonishes how friendly and happy you are. When we’re in the supermarket you give out the biggest smiles to all the passerbys.

I just got my BabyCenter email telling me what I can expect from my 7 month old. They said

After your baby masters the ability to grasp an object, an exciting step follows: transferring it from one hand to the other. For now, your baby will experiment so much with both hands that you won’t have a clue which hand is preferred, the right or the left

They’re so far behind! You’ve been doing transfers for months now and your father is convinced that you’re a lefty, just like me and your maternal great-grandma. You know, daddy is still in awe whenever he sees you. We probably will be for a while, you’re just so new and happy and bubbly and you make our lives so much better!

It’s time for me to find a nursery for you. I wish I could stay home with you and play and grow with you all the time but I promise to search for a nursery that will love you and care for you as close to mommy’s love as I can find. You will play with other kids and learn to be the social butterfly you so think you are. One of your favourite things to do right now is to be outside and when we are inside you spend a lot of time staring out the window and “chatting” to the birds, the leaves, maybe even the wind.

Now you will have lots of…well…hopefully only a few…other babies to play with. Be nice and share but don’t pick up any germs! I worry about that because you love to put everything in your mouth so much. But we’ll be fine…you’re my big girl.

That’s all, for now, my munchkin…mommy loves you lots! Happy 7 months 🙂

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  1. Sweet! Do Share how Nursery goes. Kai's still at home, but she totally needs the interaction now. Was tryna get her in for September but I've been holding back 🙁 Will try for October 🙂