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Dinner by the Sea at Marguerites

I tried to write these reviews in order so you could follow what my weekend was like, but it’s not gonna work that way so hopefully you were following me on twitter and Instagram! (search loveiriediva) Anyway our little group had dinner at Marguerite’s Seafood by the Sea one night and let me tell you…5 stars!!! It had actually begun to pour with lightning and thunder that evening and I was kinda worried we wouldn’t get the opportunity to go because I was uber excited when I heard where we would be dining. I had long heard that the food there was great, but I’ve never had the chance to go.

We went at night and so I didn’t get to enjoy the lovely view or take any pictures. This one is from here. We could see the lightning and the party boats going by and hear the sea lapping at the coastline below our deck. The lighting was low and it was a truly remarkable, romantic setting. The waiter was very knowledgeable on the details of the meals and wine pairings,  I really didn’t even need my menu and in the low light it would have been difficult to read anyway. He did offer us small penlights to read with but as soon as he said crab cakes and grilled lobster it was a wrap for me. I didn’t need to hear anymore.

How is this for mixed prints? This is actually a dress that I wore prior so I turned it into a skirt for this outfit. My dinner:

The crab cakes made me wanna slap my mama! (love you mom) I love crab cakes but I’ve never had them like this before. Dare I say they were better than the lobster?!?!?! Trust me, they were really good. They were soft and flaky and warm and flavourful! So much more crab than cake and I really appreciated that. Now I’ll never be able to have my regular old crab cakes again. Sigh…

Grilled lobster on top of mashed potato. The lobster was truly very good, I just haven’t gotten over the crab cakes yet trust me. I was torn between this and the surf n turf and the steak did look very good for those who got that option. But I do love a good grilled tail.

The trio of desserts. I had the chocolate cake which had a molten center and was served with ice-cream on top. It was semi-sweet which I’m not a fan of, just kill my sweet-tooth and done! But hey I’m sure I’m in the minority here. The apple crisp with coconut flakes was really good too!

One night in our hotel lobby I met a couple who was so excited to meet a local that they grilled me with questions of where to go and what to do. I definitely recommended Marguerite’s to them as a late lunch option. I think it would be so romantic to dine here as the sun goes down.

That happened a lot through-out my weekend. I kept meeting visitors who were so excited to meet a local and ask for my recommendations instead of asking the tour desk or people who were benefiting in some way with their responses. Even my little group of media really appreciated me being there as they met and spoke with different wedding locations and attractions because I was able to give them my spin on the area, the neighbourhood, if I’ve ever been, what my thoughts were etc. A local perspective is so important on these trips it seems.

Anyway I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Marguerite’s and will certainly be back with my honey in the daytime when I can dine and enjoy the view.

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4 thoughts on “Dinner by the Sea at Marguerites

  1. First off, I like the progress you’re making. This sounds like a really professional and spiffy/classy occasion that you were a part of. Nice!

    Second, the lobster looks great. I can only imagine how lovely it tasted.

    Finally, it’s great that you were able to be a good source of info for those tourists. I’m happy they wanted to venture out of the hotel and explore and they were very lucky to have you there that weekend.

    Oh I said I was done right? The hair a grow nice man! Okay, done for real this time 🙂

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