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Dirty Dozen J’ouvert, Trinidad 2013



Baby oiled and ready to go! So Sunday, as I mentioned in my last Carnival entry, we were rained out and didn’t get to enjoy Maracas Beach as I was hoping to. I did enjoy my bake and shark! I need one right now… anyway we got home and decided to rest up for j’ouvert. Now, this is where the real carnival experience begins. J’ouvert is more about the party here in Jamaica, with big name headliners and such. Of course there’s the road but we focus more on the party. Trinidad barely has a warm up party, it’s all about di road! We got to the pre-party about 3 or 3:30am as we were set for the road at 4am. At the pre-party there were only serving punchy-punch aka puncheon. I’m afraid of anything called punch. :/ I had good reason too. I think it was one of the first times I was feeling a buzz in Trinidad. They’re extremely light handed with the Johnny but for some reason the punch was heavy!

I’d gotten a waterproof case and strap for my phone so that we could capture images along the way. That’s why this pic looks like this… Punchy punched and ready, we headed out on the road in the crowd a people sometime after 4am. Not before the paint came out, of course


The road was loads of fun! Cute guys and nuff whinin! I believe we simply went around a block and I did well buss rasta… was already questioning my ability to do di road on carnival morning. Somewhere on the “hip strip” we met up with another j’ouvert band and mellowed out for a bit. Then, right when it got to around this time of morning:


Is when things simultaneously picked up and popped down for me. I gave up drinking so I could save on finding lady-like places to pee. (don’t even ask) The music was chumping, the powda was foggin’ (Thanks Machel, we really needed another substance to add to the paint -__-) and the vibes did nice!


By the time the sun finally came out, I had finally had enough and just wanted to go home. The paint truck seemed to be never ending and of course the powda. At this point, you’ve been wet for so damn long, but yet because of the sun you’re kinda half dry so water is the last thing you want to see. I wanted food, shower, bed. In that order. And the baby oil thing? All for naught cause I was in that shower for about 30 minutes just scrubbing and I still came out with paint on me. Every time I get this messy at j’ouvert I swear never again. SMH

I love j’ouvert, though I think I could do without the paint. I like the aspect of road march, without the sun. Can we just wear our costumes at night? Or rather at 5am right before the sun comes out? We’ll just do a quick lap around the savannah then go to the beach? No? Ok…


So Trinidad has Carnival Monday and Carnival Tuesday. You’re supposed to leave j’ouvert, go take a quick nap and be back out on the road chippin early Carnival Monday. Eh… not in this universe. We got back on the road around 4ish, right when the sun was beginning to cool. 😀 We decided to chip alongside the Tribe band for Carnival Monday. Tribe is the most prestigious band of Carnival in Trinidad, the one that’s most expensive but comes with the most perks. The one with the most tourists and eye candy. I was having fun. They really do sell you the experience, surely succeeded in making me feel like if I buy a costume next year, it will be Tribe. They’re costumes weren’t even the best but I like that they’re route is shorter and I like all the perks you seem to get just being in their band. Not that I know what you get with, say an Island People, I think that band is worth the research as well but Tribe was very pretty all around.

On Carnival Monday, people mostly were out in costumes of years gone by or in tube tops given by the bands. I agree with one article I read in the Guardian, some bands should cross the stage on Carnival Monday. This helps to reduce the Carnival Tuesday traffic, plus gives us onlookers something pretty to look at on a Monday. Who wants to see revelers in tubes? But I’m just a carnival newbie. Stay tuned for my final carnival post, carnival Tuesday!

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