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DIY Aloe Vera and Avocado Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair

I religiously apply a DIY deep conditioner to my natural hair weekly because I play around with colour so much. I rarely miss a week, and before the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve never bought any kind of deep conditioner. I’ve always used stuff from my kitchen and this aloe vera and avocado deep conditioner is my favourite combination. So with all that DIY deep conditioning experience, I definitely know by now which ingredients work best for my 3c hair and munchkin’s 4b hair.

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diy aloe vera and avocado deep conditioner

Since I deep condition my hair every week, her’s gets treated too, might as well. It’s definitely worked wonders for her hair because at the beginning of this year she had a cute little TWA but was nowhere near being able to put it in a ponytail and now I can with a decent sized afro puff. So I can attest that this DIY deep conditioner is good for speedy natural hair growth.

DIY Aloe Vera and Avocado Deep Conditioner Recipe

This deep conditioning treatment is meant to add moisture to your hair. If you suffer from dry hair then you should definitely try this hair treatment. The base of this avocado deep conditioning recipe consists of four ingredients. I mix in other oils and ingredients depending on what I have on hand or what I feel my hair needs that week.

You will need:

  • aloe vera (leaf preferably or the gel or oil if that’s what you have)
  • avocado (ripe fruit preferably, if not, the oil will do)
  • honey
  • olive oil

I’ve left off amounts because it depends on your hair length. There’s no exact science to this. Just add in a little of this and a little of that until you get a creamy consistency that won’t drip too much as you allow it to penetrate your hair. I’ll explain why these four ingredients should be your base then suggest some additional ingredients based on what your hair might need.

If you’ve got no aloe vera plant where you are, consider trying to order the leaves from Amazon. The fresh leaf gel is so much better than bottled aloe vera gel, trust me on this. Or get yourself a plant! They make great house plants and your hair will thank you.

If you’re not a DIY mixtress like I am then you might like this aloe vera and avocado conditioner that is highly rated on Amazon.

Aloe Vera Natural Hair Benefits

Aloe vera is filled with fatty acids and vitamins B-12, C and E, minerals that are quite moisturizing to your hair follicles. (1)These properties are known to strengthen hair and promote growth. It’s also anti-inflammatory which means it will help keep your scalp and hair follicles clean of bacteria and free to grow healthily.

Aloe vera gel is generally used to provide dandruff relief, smooth frizz, and help to moisturize dry curls.

Avocado for Hair

I won’t go much into details here as I have a whole article on the benefits for avocado oil for hair but suffice to say it’s one of the few oils that can penetrate your hair follicle to provide moisture. in this deep conditioner, I use the actual fruit instead of the oil as the fruit has more minerals and benefits that are lost when the oil is extracted from the fruit.

Benefits of Honey for Hair

Honey is a natural humectant which means it attracts and retains moisture to the hair. It’s also anti-bacterial which can help you with any scalp issues according to this study and it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, making it quite nourishing for the hair and scalp.

Honey adds moisture and shine to the hair and I never deep condition without it as I’ve seen and felt the benefits for myself. Its anti-inflammatory properties makes it great for your skin issues as well so I’m known to apply a bit to my face while I deep condition to help keep my skin clear.

avocado deep conditioner

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair

Coconut oil is loaded with Vitamin E and fatty acids (such as lauric acid, myristic acid, capric acid and more) which are anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial. I use it to cook every day along with using it as a pre-poo or in a deep conditioner such as this one. A lot of bloggers swear by it as a moisture sealant as well but I didn’t have good results with it so I stick to what works for me.

In fact, it causes me to break out and now more and more bloggers are realizing that it can actually leave your hair quite trashy. This is why I only use it in treatments that I will promptly be washing out of my hair. You’ll not find me picking up any leave-in conditioner or hair styling cream with coconut oil listed as an ingredient and I’ve stopped using it in my DIY whipped shea butter for hair and body.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil is one of those few oils with the ability to penetrate your hair follicle to actually get in there and fill any breakage. It improves the elasticity and strength of your hair. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote scalp health and prevent dandruff. Extra virgin oil is also rich in high levels of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E, an antioxidant important for hair growth. What’s more, olive oil is not likely to cause an allergic reaction, which makes it easier on sensitive skin and hair.

I’ve been using olive oil on my hair since my relaxed days when I used to apply it in the shower after my shampoo. It was my way of getting shine once my hair was dry without hair spray or that greasy oil sheen lip-gloss-looking product that was (or maybe still is) on the market that is used as a finishing product in some salons.

Other Ingredients for your Avocado and Aloe Vera Conditioner

So there you have my four must-haves for this avocado and aloe vera deep conditioner. Then I may add greek yogurt or an egg if I need protein for strength. The avocado also helps my concoction to get that creaminess that I need so that it won’t be very runny since I tend to sit with this in my hair (under a steam cap or plastic baggy) for hours on end as I go through my day.

You may substitute the avocado itself for the oil then add in some shea butter or a banana to give it this necessary thickness. Yes, who knew a banana was also super moisturizing for natural hair?!

Here are some results after I mixed up my favorite four plus some extra additions.

avocado and aloe vera deep conditioner recipe

And this is about an hour later. I used a hooded dryer to steam it in for about 10 minutes cause I didn’t want to have it in for very long that day. Then I simply co-washed with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner and the above pic is my hair product free. Here’s one with flash:

I applied my leave-in, styler and sealed and then slicked it back and allowed it to dry without fussing with it, which is always hard for me (serious hand in hair syndrome)

And when it was completely dry:

My hair was super soft and shiny and my curls were popping! Love this combination man! This mix is the bees knees and if I’m out of aloe vera or honey for whatever reason, I’m a very sad girl.

Munchkin’s hair absolutely loved the mix too. Her hair remained super soft and detangled right through the wash and comb process and allowed me to knock out this beautiful style with ease:

So that’s my favourite DC! What’s yours? Any brand that you can swear by? Also check out my aloe vera hair mask for a variation on this treatment.

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  1. As long as I’ve followed you, there is always some color going on and your hair stays healthy. Must be how you care for your hair. This rich mix seems to work well, but lazy people like me need a jar of something. I am going to get the Jane Carter next. Thanks for this post and keep em coming. . .

    1. yes when I was relaxed too simple olive oil was my go-to. I would use the olive oil right after I washed so it would seal in the moisture. Always dried to really shiny, soft hair

  2. What an awesome DIY hair mask. I usually just get lazy and use only coconut oil but I have all the other things on hand so now I am challenged to go and mix this up. Thanks for sharing! Your hair looks so gorgeous and healthy after!