Jessica Simpson has long been my favourite shoe brand. I love lots of others too, who doesn’t love Steve Madden or Bebe right? But I love almost everything that comes out of the Jessica Simpson labs and that’s why she’s my fave. But she’s feeling the pressure now trust me! I was on twitter the other day when a pair of Michael Antonio red sandals floated across my timeline. I have one sad pair of Jessica Simpson red pumps for years now that I have since outgrown and have been looking for the perfect pair of red sandals to replace them. Check these out:

I am not at all fond of the outfit they chose to pair my beautiful Michael Antonio heels with but I love these shoes! The Michael Antonio Red Teague – Red Patent Pump currently goes for $64.99 but I’ve got the hook up 🙂 

Click on over to the website and Get 15% off your total purchase including sale items. – Use Code TOP15 – Offer ends 3/1/2012!!! You read that right, 15% off any purchase between now and March 1st. When I clicked over I found so many cute shoes from Michael! Like….

Kairu Pump - Black Pu

Tibor 2 - Black

Thorpe - Berry Patent
Lavonne - Blue
Gunner Wedge - Black Pu
Kusuma - Red Suede
Tochi - Coral Satin Rep Pu
Tre - Tan Pu

I’m gonna just stop now, I’m sure you’re getting my point right? LOL I am so happy right now that I don’t have a credit card! I would go HAM. Just like Jessica, Michael knows the value of a good platform to keep sky high heels comfortable while preserving the sexy. Those red pumps will be mine though, they will be mine! See anything you like? Remember the code!

Get 15% off your total purchase including sale items. – Use Code TOP15 – Offer ends 3/1/2012


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