Take a trip to Monterey California

Fall in Love With Monterey, California

Take a trip to Monterey California

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I’m dreaming of travel again, and this time my wanderlust takes me to Monterey, California. I recently found pictures of my adventures to San Diego, California, and that prompted me to search for other places with a similar vibe in California. San Diego is still my favorite city thatI have visited in the U.S. because of the warmth of the people, the beauty of the city, the coastal vibe, and the boardwalk life.

IrieDiva in San Diego California

I came across Monterey’s Cannery Row, and knew I had found the spot. It had just the boardwalk feel I was looking for. Lined with cafés, restaurants, wine shops, and biking and jogging paths by the beach, it’s just the spot. As much as I like to be a fashionista, it tickles me that I’m dreaming of going back to California without hitting Hollywood or Los Angeles
for a bit of the fast life. The island girl in me loves the beach city vibe that San Diego and Monterey offer.

What to Do in Monterey, California

Monterey California

Image via Flickr by Photographing Travis

My recommended stay in Monterey is filled with outdoor activities. First up is whale watching! Fast Raft takes small boats out into the sea, where you’ll be able to see whales, dolphins, sea otters, and other Californian wildlife. This is an eco-conscious company, and the small boats won’t disturb the animals. They may even come up close to you! What a

You can also kayak out to the action with Adventures by the Sea. See the sea otters during the birthing season! You can get even closer to the animals at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where some of the windows give an inside look directly into the bay. This means you can literally go under the sea and spot the otters, kelp, and marine animals in the bay.

You can also take the walking trail through the historic town, which once processed and canned sardines from the fishing boats out in the bay. Cannery Row gives the city such interesting architecture and charm. After a day of adventure, check out the Monterey Mirror Maze & Laser Challenge for some fun-filled family time. Then take the gang over to the Cannery Row Brewing Company, which I hear is famous for pork sliders and spicy fish tacos. While it is family-friendly, it has a
charming old-town pub feel and a late-night menu, too.

Where to Stay in Monterey

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to lay your head at night. You can find several hotel options here from budget-friendly to mid-range with pools and on-site restaurants to four- star luxury. I like the comparisons that HotelPlanner offers, as they summarize what the guests say in their reviews. You can see right away which hotel will suit your needs without
reading through tons of reviews.

The weather in California is always right. It’s sunny and warm in the daytime yet not as humid as it gets here in Jamaica, even though the towns are right on the beach. The nights are cool and make for lovely adventures out on the town. I think a trip to Monterey,

California, is just what I need for the upcoming holidays. Are you loving this Cali town as
much as I am?

Take a trip to Monterey California

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  1. I’m so glad you liked it! I work in Monterey and always love to hear people’s perspectives on the city. Have you been to Santa Cruz? It’s about an hour north from Monterey and has the same vibe (it also is Home to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk- were I spent most of my childhood). Glad you had fun and nice weather!