The press releases have begun rolling in! My outfit planning has started in my head and my excitement is brewing as fashion descends upon my sweet little Jamaica. In about a month we will host major fashion extravaganzas right on our tiny little shores!  We’ll be rubbing shoulders with top models, haute couture designers and celebs we only see on our TV screens. How exciting!

That’s me and Saint model Tafari about 3 years ago.

The same one on this GQ cover. Both Style Week Jamaica and Caribbean Fashion Week always bring great fashionable audiences and I have attended many snapping pics and reviewing the fashion both off and on the runway.

This year I have decided that I will wear Jamaican designers at least one of the nights. I don’t own any Jamaican designer pieces but I’m not really surprised by that because while I’m a fashion junky, I am not a label junky in any sense and prefer to shop at the discount store instead of the designer. at least then my dollar can ourchase a few more pieces to mix and match! 

But I do love to attend all these shows and participate in the fan-fare! ver the next month I’ll try and get you excited about fashion season coming up. I’ll take you on my journey as I plan my wardrobe, learn about the designers that have been confirmed to be showing and of course give you full coverage of all the season’s events. If you stick around all the way through with me I may take you with me to one of the events!

With stars as big as Nia Long and Kelly Rowland, and designers from as far and wide as Italy and South Africa, I guarantee you that you’ll be

entertained. Look at her skin, how does she do it?!?!?!

Pulse model Oraine Barret. Yes Please! Ok enough chatter. Please like my facebook page where I will post all the pics, press releases and updates from the fashion houses as fashion season gets closer and the excitement mounts!





<<Matthew Mensah for Deola Sagoe, South Africa.

More Oraine >>


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