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I have temptation lying all around my kitchen because I have a daughter and though I feed her on all healthy everything, they’re not a part of this diet I’m on. Yogurt, smoothies, bananas, cookies and crackers, cheese…none of them count. I manage to do fine at home none-the-less, I’m trying my best to stick to my goals. Even the weekend before was a breeze and I went clubbing and had water all night. I felt so proud of myself. Water in the club??? I even met with a friend at Cannon Ball Cafe recently and sat next to a woman enjoying her lasagna,one of my favourite foods, and held tight to my apple. Yep, change was a-coming.

So imagine me, thinking I’m strong enough to go to the newest sports bar with my friends this past weekend. Lord. Appetizers are my favourite food. I wanted everything. I couldn’t pass, it was my friends birthday and I had already committed to attending before. I told myself I would order a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. Ha. They ain’t got no Caesar salad there. Their salad has lots of pretty little trimmings that I can’t eat. The wings had extra sweet or extra spicy thick sauces, the jerked chicken was either wrapped in deep fried spring rolls or slathered in between bread for quesadillas. Lord I was not to make it. I had every damn thing. It was 5 of us, and we ordered a mound of food.

this is the salad….too much excitement for my diet tho it looks yummy!
so i went ahead and did the worst…
nachos, can you tell its nachos? …we sure did order this

I washed it down with a glass of white zinfandel. Our waiter accidentally knocked over my almost finished glass and I of course had him top it up. Lord I was out of control. I have missed/will be missing a few of my favourite summer all-inclusive parties because of my desire to lose weight and it is clear that I need to steer clear of sports bars as well…the temptation is just too great. Sports bars and restaurants like Fridays et al all house my favourite foods. I don’t even think I can make it to the beach anytime soon because I am not a fan of steamed fish but I will tear up some fried. anyone who wants to see me socially from now on…well it looks like I’ll have to go clubbing more often! Dance all night while drinking water, that’s the way to go. I haven’t been to a club in over two years and this week I’ve managed to go twice all while sipping on some H2O.

jerked chicken quesadillas, yup, we ordered this too
along with some wings and some spring rolls
and a small pizza…LORD

I don’t know how long it takes for food to be stored away as fat but thankfully this morning when I stepped n the scale I was still at 182. I am ready…I NEED to break into the 170s. Looking forward to going hard for the week ahead. Pictures courtesy of their FB page.

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