These pictures are just too pretty not to post. Helshire beach is the best place to get fried fish in Jamaica. I’m not taking any arguments on that. It’s one of my favourite places to go just to enjoy the scenery, the livelihood of the people there and the fish! 

When you get to Helshire beach you’re gonna be haggled a bit. There are a million shops and vendors there vying for your business. From the moment you drive in, someone will meet you while you’re parking trying to convince you to come to their shop. I always go to Aunt Merle which is front and centre beside Prendy’s when you get in. Not because their food is anymore excellent than the next guy, but I don’t like to be haggled so I make a beeline.

On this trip, when we got there I felt like the beach was right upon us….are the water levels rising? Are we sinking? It was all so near! It was beautiful though, no matter what they say about Helshire beach it remains a gorgeous place with a scenic, bustling vibe.

We ordered our food and went out to enjoy the beach and the vibrancy of our people that were out enjoying this hot summer day. Helshire beach is a lively beach with music and vendors selling everything from peppered shrimp, inflatables, CDs, handmade jewellery and “Obama Juice.” (Various blended roots drinks)

Soon our food was ready. Don’t blame me for any envy that is about to overcome you.

Fish and Festival with Bammy at Helshire Beach Jamaica

Bro ordered the lobster cause he “doesn’t like fish” *rolls eyes* then got real dainty on us and only ate the meat in the tail! Munchkin’s dad and I went to town on the legs, the claws and the back or whatever that is. It was SO delicious and I was SO full after having my fish plus parts of this lobster. YUM.

Can’t come to JAMAICA and not have fish from Helshire! Can’t be a Jamaican and not love you some Helshire fish. When last you been?


Fish and Festival Helshire Beach Jamaica



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