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Fitting-room Friday at Fashion 911

Back in the day when I used to shop in Jamaica for all my clothes, Fashion 911 was one of my regular haunts. They had cute stuff for reasonable prices, they weren’t trying to kill my pocket. So it was only right that I paid them a visit to see what was new. I was pleasantly surprised to see that not much had changed. Except they expanded. More space, more stock! They have a swimsuit and undergarment section now that I must check out in detail! I do need a new swimsuit for the season….

So my birthday is tomorrow, I’m going to be the ripe old age of 30 and I thought maybe I should look at some things that fit my new age. Leave the short shorts and skinny jeans behind and go for something more elegant and womanly. With this in mind, I picked up these pants.

I do love them, they’re chiffon but lined. I could totally see myself wearing them to maybe Kingston Kitchen with a khaki or burnt orange tank and a statement necklace or to church with a silk blouse. Very versatile. The top I chose to pair it with wasn’t showing it off much however. It was too loose and I’m afraid it wasn’t quite the decade I was going for.

I moved on to this sequined top. Tis the season and sparkle is a must, however, I didn’t realize it was backless when I picked it up! 🙂


Excuse my bra. It’s so cute! I started to picture it with some short shorts…then remembered my age lol and decided to pair it with this open front top. Open front, open back, should work right? First, the top…

It would need a pretty balconette bra,  or some pasties and some serious double tape. I’ll spare you the pic of what happens when I attempt to move my arms. So right, I tried to pair the two tops…

Now I look like a teacher trying to get her groove back. I do like the sequined top though! But anyway I wandered back out into the shop and along the racks and racks of maxi dresses I. Saw. This.

It’s so cute! I’m not a fan of maxi dresses really but this one I loved. For me, the pros were that it had sleeves and it was a good length, not too short but not scraping the floor.

I really like it! They had other colours too but the green beckoned to me. I’d need to sort out my undergarment situation obviously but I do love this dress and it was not an arm and a leg. It was totally in budget.

Check out Fashion 911 for real, they have trendy stuff and stuff for the left field at heart and won’t blow your pocket! They’re at 16 Windsor Ave, 876-927-8937. Did you like my selections? I can have a real quirky taste in fashion sometimes but I do love them pants and that dress!


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