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Fitting-Room Friday at Grandeur

I’ve never been to Grandeur but something about a black Friday sale (I know, in Jamaica) flashed across my timeline and I decided to go check it out once and for all. My girlfriend doubted I’d find anything as she’s often unsuccessful in her search there and upon entering the store I kinda had the same feeling. It was looking kinda empty, I figured they were getting ready for Christmas stock. Anyway I perused the racks and was lucky enough to find three dresses in my size, all that I think were cute on me and one I even wore in replace of my birthday dress!


First up, this hi-low dress. I love animal print as much as the next fashionista and I loved the shape of this dress. The high waist accentuated the tiniest part of my waist-line and the girls were sitting up high. The high hemline in the front added a fun and flirty element to the dress. I took it home with me, can’t wait to wear it! Here’s another shot

This next dress had a similar silhouette, with the high waistline but was a mini all round

It had crochet straps and the girls were let out to play. A cute little dress that I’d pair with a belt for even more vavavoom!

This last dress you’ve already seen me in on my birthday. I fell in love with the shape of the dress

 I love the little cap sleeves, the cut and the material. It’s just a very cutesy, comfortable dress. I added a skinny belt when I wore it just for a different look but you can see it’s fine on it’s own. I’ve worn it already yes but I’m excited to wear it again. I love it 😀

I also got a sheer cropped top that I’ll rock out one day and update my “How to rock a crop top when you got a belly” post so look out for that. As for the sale, I dunno about black Friday but the prices weren’t bad. Worth a stop over the Christmas holidays! The only thing I was worried about was seeing someone else in my dress… you know Jamaica well small. I dunno if they had these dresses in other sizes before or they were only pieces. Here’s their facebook page, go check Grandeur!

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