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It was totally on a whim that I stopped at this store. I was on my way to pickup munchkin from school and decided to stop since the store was right next to the school and I was sorta early. I was surprised to see that what was once a thriving little plaza was suffering a little, the store next to Kyla’s had moved leaving it as the only clothing store in a plaza that once had three and the restaurant at the front was renovating so it was a little chaotic. Can’t be good for business BUT it was good for me, the consumer since Kyla’s was having a sale! Yep, 50% off EVERYTHING!

This is what prompted me to pickup this dress that I wore to my birthday dinner. I loved the print and the material. Look! This angle shows my little growing booty hehehe 

Between me and you, Kyla’s is a bit expensive so with 50% off the things were just below reasonable, no big deal. However, at this discount I would revisit and pick up a few more pieces because some of them came in to just about $2500 after the discount, some as low as $2000, now that’s a steal!

Here’s another dress I really liked, this one would work well as a NYE dress!

Cute right? It’s a simple, stretchy, metallic dress that you spice up with a blazer if you choose, some banging heels and a gorgeous clutch, some bling and you’re New Year’s Eve ready! It’s not for me since I still have to work on this tummy but I like it and with the discount it’s a great buy, go cop it! Look, it has cute little cut-outs at the side. 😀

For the ladies who are more conservative I picked up what I think is a cover-up but I belted that baby and I worked it! It’s a lovely, lightweight cotton material with loose sleeves perfect for a night out at the office’s Christmas party with some sky-high heels.

Ok this one IS a cover-up but I love the silhouette and it has jewels on it ^_^ I would so wear this out at night with a body -suit underneath 😀

It’s cute right? Hehe I love it! Click here for Kyla’s Posh and Sassy Facebook page with their contact details and address. Let me know if you visit them. Do you like the dresses I tried on?

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