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Fitting-Room Friday: Pant shopping @ShhhBoutique

I’m trying to start a new feature here on the blog called Fitting-Room Friday where I visit a store and try a few things on, to bring you some outfit choices and just give you a little peak into what the store currently has on offer that suits my style. I was motivated to do this by the amount of people who ask me “where in Kingston can I get…” I am always stumped because truth be told? I don’t shop for clothes in Jamaica. It’s always cheaper online. But there are some things you need to try on to get a fit and feel and so I’ll be visiting brick and mortar stores more often to see where you can get all these items some of you ask for regularly.

First up, a great pair of jeans. This one was my own request. Having lost a bit of weight recently, I wanted to get some new pants but I’m not sure what size I am now. I needed to fit a few things and be confident before I ordered anything so I went to Mr. Secrets who has sold me more jeans since college days than I can count. I was hoping to find a great pair of teal or cobalt jeans and maybe a pair of skinnies as well. I tried these on first, they’re a pair of Guess jeans in a size 28: (Guess sizes by waistline I believe)

Beautiful! They fit like a second skin and I loved them! They were a great price too, only JM$4000 (about US$44) and I feel like I would’ve paid roughly that had I ordered them online and had them shipped to me. They didn’t have much coloured options for my size unfortunately so I tried on these dark teal pair of pants. These are a size 7.

Oh my. Talk about second skin! I loved these too but was really hoping for a brighter colour. I tried them on with a couple tops to try and sell myself on them:

Cute, flowy mustard top. I’m not sure what I’d do underneath since it definitely requires a bra being sheer but has a low cut back.

I love this little watermelon coloured top! Or is that salmon? Whatever it is, it’s cute to boot! Unfortunately it wasn’t able to contain the boobage, all kinds of too tight but the fit around the waist was perfect! Shhh Boutique didn’t let me down, when I think jeans I think Shhh. Hoping they’ll have more coloured varieties as we go into the Christmas season cause you know that coloured jeans are currently in!

I was happy to confirm that I am now a size 7 and a medium in the top! Obviously not all mediums will fit but now I can complain that it’s because my boobs are too big, not because of my overall size. That’s a great feeling! The first pair of jeans I can remember buying was a 9 and I’ve always been a large in the top and actually went up to an XL so I’m ecstatic. I see a dress that I want for NYE and I’m ordering it in a small! Watch out now!

If you guys are digging this new feature or have suggestions, comments, specific stores you want me to hit, please let me know in the comments and if you have anything you’d like me to hunt down for you I’d be happy to! If you’re a store owner and you’d like to be featured I’d be happy to oblige.

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5 thoughts on “Fitting-Room Friday: Pant shopping @ShhhBoutique

  1. Looking forward to this series. Out of all the time I’ve spent in JA, I’ve only really been shopping at OMG twice. Will be heading back in a few weeks and will check out ShhhBoutique; I need a new pair or two of jeans!

  2. Loved this segment, try to go off the beaten path too Diva, you’d be surprised what the non-name brand stores have in stock and if you can hit up two or three per feature, even better!

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