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It was quite by accident that I swung into No7 Boutique yesterday. I was just about to leave work, saw a tweet about loving an NYE dress from there and asked the location. I learnt that it was not 2 minutes from where I work so decided to swing by. This is not your ordinary boutique. This is high end. Let’s just get that out the way. You want to visit here only when you need something for a special occasion, or you’re a flosser. They’re definitely not my everyday “oh I need a dress for this weekend” kind of spot but more of a “my ex is gonna be there and I have to pop style” kinda thing. ūüôā

BUT, they do not disappoint. They have¬†absolutely¬†fabulous dresses for every¬†occasion¬†and they certainly made me sparkle for New Year’s Eve! Shelly, the boutique owner, even let me know that they take care of all alterations! Perfect! For a girl like me, this is very necessary and soon you’ll discover why.


Let’s start with this adorable little silver number complete with a tulle underskirt for extra flair. I didn’t even notice that the sequins have a purple tint until I reviewed the pics as I was saying it would be so cute with blue heels but now I see purple is the pick. Unfortunately, it could not zip over the girls. Alteration on aisle 2! But because every item is unique, I didn’t have the option of going up a size and then taking in the waist. It’s a pretty little number though huh? By the way, I didn’t even peruse the racks much, Shelly picked out everything for me and she did a great job. I would have been in there ALL DAY if I had even started to go through. I wanted to try everything on.


This next number is a long dress, perfect for somewhere a little more formal. It gives great figure and swing. Black and White anyone? It fit like a glove and held the girls perfectly.


Oh, and it has a little backless action going on too. Look past the bra ūüôā


I love this little high low number but I’m not sure it’s right for where I want to be on NYE. I’m not the girl to go strapless either, these girls don’t play.



It’s cute right? It wouldn’t zip up past the girls either ūüôĀ


Let’s get into tight and right! Lace and sequins, ooooh I’m trending! This was a hot little green number but I would have needed a smaller size to hold everything in and up right.

Same for this little gold number, it made me feel very grown up and glamorous¬†but again, I would have needed a smaller size. Not to worry, there were A TON of smaller sized tiny little sequined dresses. There’s a white one in fact with some black and silver sequins that I really wanted to go home with, but my pocket maaaaan, my pocket. It’s not pictured here because, hey, you never know. And I wouldn’t want to picture my NYE dress before I wore it ūüôā

Did you like the selections for NYE? I surely will be back. Check out No7 Boutique on Facebook for all their contact details.


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