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IrieDiva and #FITFOO

So my day job had an interesting assignment the other day, one that inspired me so much, it compelled me to blog about it here. The Virgin Atlantic team has a new campaign they call #FITFOO which means flying in the face of ordinary and they did what would amount to a road show this past week. We’ve all seen road shows before, ordinary stuff right? Wrong. If you follow the eccentric, inspiring, far from ordinary Richard Branson, head of everything Virgin, you know that this was not going to be ordinary and it challenged me to be extraordinary too. Take a look at this video:


Isn’t that awesome? And the fact that every time we encountered someone on the road who had flown Virgin before who wanted to brag and boast about their 5-star experience, it solidified for me that Virgin is simply not your average flight experience. I mean, I’ve never flown with them before, but after this week I am already a believer and will fly with them when I plan my Europe trip someday with my mini-me. Virgin took their crew to Jamaica to share a little of what it would be like to fly with them. A 9 hour flight is something to dread, let’s face it, but it’s awesome to know that an airline goes the extra mile to make that experience something to look forward to, instead. All of that for flights that are surprisingly affordable! I thought the prices would be ridiculous like a trip to Japan or Australia but heck I’m checking first class, that seat that flips into a bed certainly is enticing.

But back to the point of the campaign, Virgin took 2 of their cabin crew members into offices, media houses, markets, sporting events, just to add a bit of red to everyone’s day. Even the media dinner they held wasn’t an obnoxiously boring press conference that required the reporters to produce stories, it really as just a dinner with media to introduce the brand’s new campaign. Awesome. On the road, many of the staff members were surprised and liked the simple gesture of a cupcake and a mug to brighten their day. What an awesome way to lodge yourself deeply in the minds of your consumers and potentials.


Here’s the FITFOO video, an awesome ad that makes us all want to work for Virgin.

If you’ve seen the FITFOO hashtag or pictures on your timeline over the past week then I am insanely proud of a job well done, I feel like I was able to live up the the FITFOO standard. If you’ve seen them on your TV screen or heard them on your radio, team DRT is proud! I work on a lot of awesome projects at my 9-5 but this one really inspired me to do things just a little more extraordinarily, it made me want to add that flare and pizzazz to even my little mundane tasks. That’s what makes life more fun right? Makes it more than bearable, takes it to awesome!

This week I’ll remember these ladies and their mantra “there’s a red for everyone” and bring that extra spark to my day! How can you FITFOO today?

Grand Palladium Hotel Jamaica at dawn Grand Palladium Hotel Jamaica at dawn IrieDiva and Carrie of Virgin Atlantic

P.S. I took those pictures at the Grand Palladium Hotel at 6am simply because we had an early check out and I didn’t want to be somewhere so gorgeous and not get to soak up a little of its beauty, even if I couldn’t get to jump in. I thought I wasn’t a morning person? Time to reassess my excuses for not being able to exercise in the morning. Time to FITFOO. If you want more info, visit FITFOO.TV.


So they handed out a flyer over the course of the tours that gave people a chance to win two tickets to London on a Virgin flight. I thought I’d give my readers a chance to FITFOO and share the questions with you! You have until 6pm today to submit your answers, go forth and prosper!

Go to FITFOO.TV, watch the trailer for FITFOO then answer the below questions. Email your answers to along with your full name, contact number and occupation.

1. What did the Virgin designer say to his colleague while looking at our upper class seat, which converts into the longest flat bed in the business?

2. The Virgin crew flies to save us all! What three things can the Virgin crew save us from? The b____ the b_____ and the c____ can’t be b_____

3. What does FITFOO stand for?

Remember, entries close at 6pm TODAY. Good luck! And if one of my readers win, just know that one ticket is for you and the other is for me. By reading this you agree to these terms. 😀


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  1. “… ticket is for you and the other is for me. By reading this you agree to these terms.” – HA Hilarious!!!