Rihanna at FNO

It’s FNO time! As they say when ‘merca ketch cold, Jamaica sneeze. (When America catches a cold, Jamaica sneezes) Last year when Fashion’s Night Out debuted, Novia McDonald-Whyte from the Jamaica Observer made sure we were in the mix ourselves even if we were a couple weeks off. What it is, is a coordinated sale basically. All the stores offer discounts and fanciness all at the same time with wine or other beverage and celebrities in the mix. A little stimulation of the economy in this recession. Did you go out on that night?

I was 4 or 5 months preggers at the time and went with my frennies to one of our usual stores that we hit up….Fashion 911 on Windsor Ave. The atmosphere was bumping!! Shopping should be like this all the while…wine and music inclusive! More FNO please! I bought two dresses there that night. One of which I am wearing above…here my munchie is almost 2 months old. This was her first beach day. She looks so incredibly tiny and fragile compared to the now almost 7 month old havoc-wreaker climbing up on everything and shoving everything in her mouth.

We also ventured into the heart of HWT as well but as a heavily travelled shopping district, it was a mess. It looked a little like Christmas time and we were not that serious. I hear some of the stores offered discounts as deep as 75%!!! I’m trying to get in on that kinda action this year. The team at the Jamaica Observer has worked hard to get the coveted Vogue endorsement for this event and it will now be held on the same night that it all goes down in NY as well as several other fashion capitals around the world like France, Italy, the UK, Australia, Japan etc etc.

Even though it starts at 6pm… don’t think you’ll turn up early and beat the crowds. This is one thing that Jamaicans were early for last year and I’m sure this year will be no different. More stores have signed up to be apart of FNO Jamaica so make sure to come out and be part of the “fabulosity.” I plan to hit a wine bar after to keep the fab going. As a new mom with a dwindling social life, September 10 can’t come soon enough! If you’re looking for a list of all the participating stores…click here.


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