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Ok. I can’t possibly post on all of Fashion’s Night Out in one go…I’ll have to break this up into a couple of posts. So first up, I’ll just tell you what I did and the deals I found. Even this rundown may need two posts but we’ll see how it progresses…

So…I had a plan. I had a route in my head and stores to check off my list. I was gonna start early in the day to avoid the rush. And that I did. I put on my cutest little frock that could work for casual or upscale wherever I went and I was about to head out my door when the heavens above opened up and wiped that plan clean. So, plan derailed, I looked in my closet to see what I could find that could offer a little coverage for the feet and legs while still providing some cute. Then I said f*ck all that and threw on my jeggings and my rainboots. It was pouring.

These rainboots make for conversation starters boy, everybody on the road had something to say. “Where you get dat” “A dat me need inna dis yah rain yah” “you come prepared boy nutten naah stop you” I met up with my sister who was to be my partner in crime for the evening and changed into my flats so we could get started. Thankfully the rain was done for the day.

My first stop was to the Half-Way-Tree area where I guess you could say holds the biggest gathering of shopping malls this side of Kingston. This is also where you’d expect most of the traffic to build up so my plan was to hit this area first, be in, be out and move against the traffic to all my other stops. I started with the department store Ammars. Figure I’d check out what Shenna, the Mission Catwalk winner, had new in store. Alas, when I got there, they hadn’t yet put out her stuff for display. Being early was not working in my favour.¬†

It was good to see them bringing out their 50% tags though. I moved on to Collectibles that notably was not a member of FNO but conveniently had a big sale going on. Why not just register for FNO? Does it cost money to register? Anyhoo…They had some cute pieces in the store, I even saw a few pieces that looked like they could fit me but when you know you’re not trying to spend anything, you’re not motivated to try stuff on. They had an 80% rack at the front of the store with some lace leggings…..I’m not sure how I’d rock floral lace leggings so I just kept it moving. This cute little XOXO dress was on the 60% off rack but the original price for it was over JA$7000. ūüėź Not. Cute. Enough. Someone commented on twitter that they must have marked it up to that price to offer a “deep” discount on it. SMH…the deals were sure looking great already…

It is cute though. I skipped past their shoe store as nothing in the window grabbed my attention and I know how ridiculously expensive Collectible’s shoe store is. How do these people stay open? Maybe with their other shoe store that sells more affordable items. I almost bought this cute pink flats there but the crowd was starting to build inside and the daunting task of getting an attendant to retrieve my size and then make my way over to the cashier was a little overwhelming, even at the greatly reduced price of $600+ tax.

Anyhoo I went to Artique, a favourite of mine for accessories to see what was new. Their selection of cocktail rings always blows my mind and they had 70% off a topaz looking (I forgot the material she said now but the colour was of the same Topaz that is my birthstone) tray of rings and bracelets. I tried on three that caught my eye… wish I used my camera instead of my phone to take these pics as the rings are so gorge! I am really tempted to go back for that green one…green’s my fave colour. I think.

You think hubby would be mad if I replaced my wedding ring with that first one? Aww never mind I already told all of y’all it was a cocktail ring lol…

I moved around the corner to Alexxya where this lime green dress caught my eye. Isn’t it cute? I thought it would be a cute progress dress for my weight loss journey…but at JA$5800 and only 25% off…it wasn’t cute enough. Or rather, I knew I could get something just as cute but cheaper online,¬†like this one¬†or this one, both by Bebe. And that was with only 2 seconds of search, if I put more effort in I’m sure I could find one in this green.

I wandered over into Go West, that sells Guess clothing (exclusively?) in Jamaica and I circled for about a minute before I hit the doors. Go West is already expensive, and they were only offering 20% off with a sale rack around back that was 30%. Meh…The stuff in there isn’t even cute. It’s like last, last season stuff…moving on. Outside of Xxtras looked promising…

But alas we were too early, and I had no intention of sticking around for the crowd. I don’t want to imagine what it was like in there after hours with that tiny little drink stand. I hit another department store, Lees this time around, and I have to tell you I lowkey love Lees Fifth Avenue. You can always find some cute staple wardobe items inside and they have some plus size¬†pieces¬†too. Now, I didn’t say it was overrun with cute stuff…I kinda wish they’d hire me as a buyer, but, you can dig and find. Like this grey shirtdress with silver accents would’ve been perfect with my jeggings and boots.

Shimmery and cute. And some summer tops and dresses for my plus size peeps


Both come in an array of colours and are really cute on…saw the dress on a¬†mannequin, and wanted to get one for myself. It can be worn off shoulder as well. There’s a spaghetti strap version also in a lovely pastel teal kinda shade among others that is¬†strangely¬†more expensive than this version but still¬†affordable¬†at $2300.

Moved down the line to Premier Plaza and Sammy’s, a little shoe store that you can probably get a cute cheapo shoe if you catch them when they have fresh stock. I wasn’t too impressed with their selection but snapped this pair of platforms for my tweeps…they were having a BOGO sale (buy one get one halfoff) These were marked down to $2050, not bad.

¬†Interestingly enough Kabella’s next door was also having a BOGO sale. Spotted these wedge pumps there.



Spotted this dress on their BOGO racks…

I was once again not impressed at the prices so I moved on. Went into a little boutique store called Danielle’s that was quite enticing with a 50% off everything sign. Saw some really cute summer dresses a la this post and some structured dresses like this one:

How Christmasy. There was a lovely red solid dress with some interesting¬†pleats¬†at the waist as well but I was in a rush to get out of HWT at this point. Til this caught my eye. I was so excited about this fringe skirt for only $1000 but all my twitter peeps told me to back away from the fringe ūüôĀ

Ok. That’s it for the HWT portion of my #FNOja experience. This post is already one of my longest yet so I’ll stop here for today and continue with my other stops plus some schmoozing and excitement in another post or two. How was your FNO experience? Snagged any deals?

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