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Foodstagram: Egg Bakes and Salad

Egg bakes have become one of my favourite things to whip up for a quick and healthy snack and I wanted to share with you. I think I have before but, here you go again. This is the perfect thing to make when you have a bunch of leftovers that you want to use up too because it lends itself to all kinds of random ingredients.


I finally bought a muffin pan that makes 6 small muffins so I thought, 6 muffins, 6 eggs. Who knew eggs rise when you whip em? Well…I know now. So if you’re using a small muffin pan, I suggest using 4 eggs. The recipe for the above egg muffins:
eggs, whipped
dried oregano

I had only a bit of shredded calaloo left so I thought it would be a great idea to throw them in this. You can substitute with spinach or another green. Whip everything together and bake at 325 for 20 mins. Was so perfectly yummy! Another great tip I picked up on Instagram! Oh, and you can also grate a raw potato and add it to the bottom of the pan first for another dimension of flavour. It will bake up like a crust! Imagine all the possibilities.  You could add left over chicken, bacon, ham, broccoli, beans, whatever you wanted! Eat up your eggs! Munchkin loves them and they store well so they’re great for lunch boxes.


White-people salad. Salad-hater salad dressing.

chicken salad

You know how white people put lemon and pepper on thir chicken and throw it in the oven and we side-eye them for bland food? Well… this is that salad. We Jamaicans love to put lots and lots of rich, creamy dressing on our salad, supposedly to make it appealing. Know that awful mayo ketchup mashup that’s used at random cook shops? I used to be one of those people and I never ever thought I would come to love a simple vinaigrette. I’m talking two ingredient simple. This was another one of those lazy days where I had few ingredients and so I just tossed them all together and sprinkled extra-virgin olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar over it. POW! The flavours came alive and I was in awe that I wasn’t reaching for ranch or caesar! This is my new favourite dressing. Add lemon juice or honey when you’re ready to switch up the flavours. I’m in love. The chicken was super easy too, its a simple honey balsamic grilled chicken which I made some tweaks to and voila! Yumminess served in less than 20 minutes. Take that Rachel Ray.

Do you have a favourite recipe for a quick meal you’d like to add to this post? Please feel free! This post is a part of the weekly #IrieBlogHop Let me know in the comments what your favourite quick and easy meal (or salad dressing) is! 

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