I’m just looking through some pictures I have on my camera and realized I have some from the booths that were set up by various designers and companies. The pics aren’t the best but lets see what we have here. Can’t wait to get my new camera, hopefully it does a much better job than this.

There was a lovely little coral jewelry booth that cought my eye and I snapped this pic of the one on the model.

Pretty right? They were so intricate and well made. The line is called Story and Myth Jewellery by Kristie Stephenson www.kristiestephenson.com If I had a better cam I would have taken some close up pics of some of the other pieces but you can see more of her work on her website. Here’s another piece:

I also came across Miche Bags which is a great concept for someone like me who is really not a bag lady. I tend to keep one neutral bag and take it everywhere, I seriously hate switching bags. I always forget to transfer something! So they have some bags that are shells really, you have one inside piece that you just transfer from shell to shell for a new look each time. Cool right?


Ok this next boutique had some real cool accessories and according to the cute little sales lady they had out front, they sell wholesale too so you can cop some items for your store.

Their website is sianisboutique.com I took this pic from the flyer they gave me…look at that piece top left that looks like you gotta put your arm through…what an intricate contraption.


Closing with a few pics of old man Joe doing his thing. The crowd ate him up. Below you can view Ashley Martin’s final walk with her new line Attitude.





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