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Frozen Princess: Munchkin Turns 5

So last month munchkin turned 5 and I celebrated five years of being a mother. Yes, that matters. When we have kids our lives tend to be taken over by them, nothing is about you anymore it’s all about them. That’s good and well but I think I’m doing a great job as a mom and deserve a pat on the back and so I threw a big bashment in celebration. When I was a child I always had fairly lavish birthday parties that were always the talk of the classroom and I kinda want the same for munchkin. So Frozen it was.


I went all out. If you saw the pictures from #munchkinturns3 or #munchkinturns4 then you know I tend to take themes seriously. Even her swimsuit was from the movie. And yes it was a pool party!

Peep Olaf in the background flying in the wind!


With one of her best friends from school. She has a million best friends from school but this one is a sleepover kinda friend. Munchkin had a whole week of celebration as her birthday was the Monday before the party and her father who now lives overseas was able to visit the island for the festivities so we did our usual beaching and roadtripping and vibing.

Jamaica’s World Famous Dunn’s River Falls! We made it to the top!



As munchkin grows and I move further and further away from the baby stage into her independence, it’s such an incredible thing to experience. She’s now reading which has opened up the world to her on a whole different level. She’s as clever and quick witted (read: feisty and fresh) as her dad and as crafty, calculated and beautiful like me. 🙂

when Dad's in town, we always make it to Helshire Beach, best fish and lobster in town!
When munchkin’s Dad’s in town, we always make it to Helshire Beach, best fish and lobster in town!

Even though I turned out to be a single mother, there’s not much about my situation I would change if I could. Everything has worked out so perfectly and I am enjoying life as it is currently. I think I had her at the perfect age in my late 20s. It gives me the opportunity to grow with her while still being able to look forward to my years of being a free spirit to come. She’ll be able to travel and appreciate life and the world around her as she grows and #doroad with her mommy.


Now in my early thirties, my friends are all divided into the categories of married and building life/family or single and corp-ladder climbing (and for the females, worried about when kids will come into play.) If I never have another child I will be perfectly fine with that. In another ten years or so munchkin will be a grown ass big kid getting ready for college and I will be planning my world takeover while my friends will be in upper management behind a desk somewhere. At least, that’s how I see it.

Cake Cake Cake!
Cake Cake Cake!

Three cakes, 15 cake pops and 2 dozen cupcakes. When you invite a whole bunch of people, you learn to have backup cakes so your prized centerpiece cake doesn’t get demolished on the same night. #mommyprotip


Speaking of prized centerpiece cake, this was a fantastically delicious cake. It has three layers of blue inside to complete the Frozen theme. Matterfact, I have a piece in my fridge right now I’m about to go eat so I’m not tempted by it later. Yes, that made no sense. If someone comes along that changes my perspective, I’m ok with that too. But I have to say life as it is right now is pretty sweet and I wouldn’t mind finding someone who comes along and syncs well with what I’ve got going on right now.


It turned out to be such a beautiful day. I was a little worried as it rained heavy only hours before but I pushed that out of my mind and trusted the Universe to deliver the circumstances I needed to carry out my plans.


My friend Ceta from Ethnic Curls celebrated the third birthday of her precious one little Moon (nickname) seen here in this pic with munchkin making it a joint party of great friends. My aunt, the real MVP, brought some grown up juice to keep the adults entertained while the kiddies ran and swam around.


I’ve learnt to adjust my expectations and attitudes from my soon-to-be-ex-husband too. He still does things to piss me off for sure, I just make sure I’m not in a position to be too thrown off by any craziness that he does anymore. #wateroffaducksback It makes for a much better relationship with a man who will be in my life for at least the next however much years. I’m a firm believer in forgiveness and with family, forgetting. Never turn your back on family, but sometimes you have to love them from a far. Live, learn, love and grow. He’s not too bad on the eyes either and we have great fun together. 😉

20150129_164518 20150129_164546

I have to pinch myself sometimes. Can’t believe little old me who was just starting to figure out how to take care of myself, is in charge of molding and shaping another human being. She’s such a blessing that was delivered to me at the exact perfect moment. Taught me so much about love, life and growth. About companionship, about what’s worth fighting for and what to let go, about spirituality and about manifestation. About fears, about living the example, about being the change you want to see in this world. She changed my whole life. 20150131_142119

I’ve managed to manifest the exact professional life I’ve always dreamed of. Working from home or anywhere there’s wifi really, making a decent living, and I’m almost always available for mid-morning dance competitions, doctor visits and cake sales. 2015 has started out on an incredible high and I’m just getting started. Happy birthday munchkin!



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  1. Very inspiring post! I hope to one day choose to follow the path to my dreams just like you did/are doing. Love your blog. Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks Trudy! I’m still evolving but it’s a great path to be on and found that I’d never be here if I didn’t banish fear and step out on faith

  2. I love your blog and this post…..touching….I’ve been reading quiet a few of your posts but didn’t comment since they are like up to 4 years back but had to for this one!

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