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Hair, Food and Tattoos: Irie Updates

Hola lovies! It’s been a minute so just a few flicks of what I’ve been up to, though you would have already caught most of these pics if we’re Instagram friends! It’s been about 9 months since my second big chop and even though I’ve been pretty bored with this stage of TWA that I’ve been at for about two years now, I must say that my hair is growing nicely and is benefiting from a simplified hair regimen. I am still in love with this reddish blonde, a result of bleaching henna’d hair and after taking out my braids I simplified my hair products all the way down. I went back to my first love, the Kinky Curly Leave-In conditioner and now when I cowash I simply use that with my homemade shea butter whip to seal, and I only use these once per week, twice if absolutely necessary, like if I neglect to wear a satin bonnet to sleep and my hair gets very dry. My hair and my face has been loving the lighter regimen, see: Natural hair colored reddish-blond I call this one “Sexy Soup Drinking 101” This photo was taken at Chef Brian Lumley’s new restaurant 689 by Brian Lumley, have you been yet? It was a fabulous time and the food is awesome! I have never been a fan of seafood in a liquefied format, soup, tea, nothing, but this fish chowder was very yummy! Here are a few more pics from the night:

20130903_213140 20130903_202524 20130903_202252

Have you ever been to Fort Charles just to read, view and take in our history and not for a party or some other event? It was my first time! I know… but it’s never too late and munchkin can count it as her first too at an early age. A few pictures from that excursion: 20130908_180750 20130908_152130 20130908_131403 20130908_143103 20130908_144917 20130908_150729 20130908_151138 20130908_142723 20130908_143051 20130908_145312   After hearing about what canons were, munchkin wasn’t too happy to be near it but she got really into them after seeing so many inside the Fort. Did you know that Port Royal was once an island? I had no idea! Yes, maybe I should have paid more attention in history class. Anyway, the museum curator was in and regaled us with tales of the earthquakes and the lifestyle and the famous people from centuries ago. It was fascinating and I’m so glad we went even though it was hot and muggy. Dinner by the docks made up for the heat. I also got a little scared of the next earthquake that’s predicted to be very close in time after reading how far and wide the devastation of the 1692 and 1907 earthquakes were!

I have lots more to share but I will close here for now with one more little nugget. I got a tattoo!

hakuna matata

It’s supposed to be the Swahili symbol for hakuna matata aka no worries. You know, irie, no problem mon, all that. This embodies the lifestyle I pretty much have now and want to keep, letting little stress or bother me in any way because in the end, it will work out so if it hasn’t worked out yet, then it’s not the end. On any level, I love it! I want to get the actual word “irie” on my shoulder later on down but this was my first and I’m very pleased.

So, what have you been up to?

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