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Hello December, Let’s Be Friends

Welcome to December 2014! How happy I am to see you. Normally I wait till the year is about to end or the new year has already began to do a post like this one but now is a great time. 2014 has been such a challenging year for me. There was setback after setback, heartbreak, disappointment, eye-openers and more setbacks. I lost friends, I gained friends, I lost my way, I found it, I lost it again. Whoo lawd it was a doozy!


But I am so grateful for the opportunity to dust myself off and try again that I take all the lessons in stride. Today I release all the mistakes, all the negativity, all the hurt and the pain and I focus on the lessons. Today I focus on the positive. The fact that I am still here to fight and to push through and make my dreams come though.


Today I release the need for explanations. I don’t need to know why any wrong was committed, why any pain was caused, why any doors were closed. Today I focus on the ones that are open, on the opportunities that lay ahead, on the friends that have stayed.


For December 2014, I begin an inner shift. Why wait until the new year? Today I begin a shift towards even more positivity. Towards living the life that I want to live. Today I make steps to strengthen my professional life so that I may continue to be exactly what I want to be. Today I make steps to kick bad habits and procrastination, to increase time spent doing positive and productive things and to focus on attracting the type of relations that I want and weed out anything deemed frivolous.


I believe in all these quotes. I believe in the law of attraction. I’m not sure I have fully grasped the concept and know how to shift my mindset out of negative thoughts to radiate positive and productive thoughts always, but I will forever try. I will seek the knowledge. I will figure it out. I’m reading. I will be the best version of me.


I’ve set my goals for 2015. They include continued weightloss, travel, upgrading my skills and trade and fortifying the positive relationships around me. Pretty much what they are every year and what they will continue to be every year because there’s always room for improvement. When I’m finally at my goal weight it will simply be to continue on a path of a healthy lifestyle. Have a great December everybody. I want you to know how grateful I am that you continue to read this blog, leaving your comments and sharing it with your friends. Here’s to a Happy December and a wonderful new year, it will be our best one yet!

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