All indications show that Caribbean Fashion Week had a much better Saturday night after a disappointing opening night. Browsing through the pics, the collections look better and it seems the booths filled up some more. I came across Cedella Marley’s collection on the Pulse facebook page and I had to share.

Funky, fresh, colourful, Jamaican, Bob.

The line went from swimwear, to casual play suits and dresses, to more structured dresses and cropped pants, to long frocks and blazers and finally into a few more of her Puma Olympic line. All of the pieces remained true to the Jamaica theme and was a fabulous line to celebrate Jamaica’s 50 years of independence.

I picked out a few of my favourites above, the extensive collection is available in the gallery below. Thanks to Brad who commented below to let us know where we can purchase pieces from the swimwear line – Wondering now if the Puma pieces will be available in their HWT store. Are you feeling the line?


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