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Photo thanks to @dwaynefighter, check out his fab fashion blog!

I was fashionably late to the Caribbean Fashion Week 2011 opening night here in Kingston, Jamaica because Pulse is known for starting their shows extremely late especially the first night and what do you know, I only missed one collection after being two hours late. The show was a little slow all night long, lacking energy and buzz. The breaks were too long and there was too much space in between models. The runway is kinda long…we coulda had three people on it at any one point…

Since Pulse decided to reject my photographer’s accreditation with no notice, I don’t have very good pics as I was only equipped with my point and shoot camera and my Samsung Galaxy Tablet so I thought it best to capture some video of the final walks. Unfortunately many of the designers did not do final walks after showing, but we’ll make do with what we have.

I was treated to Drenna Luna’s line shortly after arriving. The announcer pointed out that the pieces were all made with sea-island cotton, which is happens to be my favourite scent of Bath and Body Works splash. Anyhoo the line was lovely, very easy, breezy, resort wear pieces. I’m not sure what happened during the show as what I thought would have been the final line ended up to be just a few of the simpler pieces, my favourite pieces ended up coming out after but anyway here’s that clip…

During the break after I snapped some pics of a few of the patrons…


my twitter buddy @camjayfen

Supermodel Carla Campbell

Blonde Bombshell


Hope Wade was up next, here she is with supermodel Jaunel Mckenzie

Here’s Jaunel again in Mutamba…

Jaunel in Mutamba

Haute! You could hear the metallic embellishments as she walked the runway. You can watch the final walk for Mutamba as well as Milkaya Laijah on my youtube channel.

Tanya Stephens gave a great performance albeit a little too long. It was funny how she kept saying thank you to the loud claps of the audience who were really encouraging her to wrap it up.

Mavado’s perfomance was well received, I left as he was getting into it. I have video of both performances but both of them stayed close to the entrance of the runway so while you can hear them, you won’t be able to really see them. Not sure if its worth the upload but I’ll still add it to my youtube later.

I tried to Ustream a bit of the show live but the quality isn’t all that great. I blame the networks since my taped videos comes out much better. I went extra casual in flats and jeans as I was prepared to work since I had no photographer. Tonight I’ll be in my heels soooooo…..yeah I’m not foreseeing much pictures but do follow me on twitter for lots of twitpics! Ciao bellas, do say hi if you see me!

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