Life in the bustling town of Kingston city, Jamaica’s capital, is just like life in any other major city or town, stressful, trafficky and full of pollutants. It gets incredibly important to get away from it all and escape to somewhere lush and green from time to time when you live in a city. Luckily for Kingstonians or travellers to this noisy town, there are quite a few spots within minutes away to do just that and Holywell Park is one of them!

Holywell Park Kingston Jamaica

Holywell Recreational Park

Holywell is a park high up in the hills of blue mountains just about an hour outside of Kingston by truck. I say by truck or at least by 4WD van because the road up to the park is narrow, windy and at times quite bumpy. (I’m happy to report though that this is being worked on and will hopefully be smooth very soon, albeit still narrow and windy.) It’s a park so high up that it is uncommon to be there and be able to see all the way out to Kingston’s harbour (though on a rare clear day, you can) as the valley below is usually very foggy. However the lush vegetation, clean crisp air and tranquil surroundings make it the perfect get away for a quick mind reset.

Camping and Picnicking

Sitting outside one of the gazebos and fire pits at Holywell Park

Sitting outside one of the gazebos and fire pits at Holywell Park

It’s a great place for a full day if you want to head up there with family or a group of friends. There are gazebos on the grounds where you can set up food stations in shade and fire pits to grill. There’s also a monkey house kind of scenario where kids young and young at heart can monkey around. Just be sure to be ready for any type of weather when you’re heading there as afternoon rains are common and lighting fires in the cold, wet surroundings can be difficult. Occasionally vendors wander into the park selling fresh raspberries and other fruits picked from the surrounding hillside. There’s no food inside the actual park so you’ll have to bring your own or stop on the way up/down to eat.

Hike to the stream

The Hike to the stream at Holywell

Contemplating the hike down to the stream knowing I will have to make it back up!

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous then take the 20 minute or so hike down to the little stream that runs in a valley below. It’s a pretty easy path down and it’s a tiny little sprinkling of a stream but it was great exercise and hey the pictures were worth it. Anything for the ‘gram, right? Be wary however that if you go down, you gotta get back up and the hike back up is serious business. As out of shape as I am right now, to say it was a challenge is me taking it lightly. I had to stop to catch breaths a couple of times but it was definitely well worth it. What better way to get in an exercise session than in the great outdoors?

The stream at Holywell Park in the Blue Mountains The stream at Holywell Park in the Blue Mountains

The stream at Holywell Park in the Blue Mountains

Made it! Worth it!

The restroom area is clean and adequate and the park will provide a great day of fun once you’re with the right people. It will also provide fulfilling mind refresh if you choose to go alone one day just to clear your head and be at peace with nature. It’s far enough away but close enough for a quick trip. Take insect repellant and shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy!

Monkey House at Holywell PArkMonkey House at Holywell PArk Monkey House at Holywell PArk

Have you ever been to Holywell Recreational Park? How was your adventure? And have you ever done the hike to the park itself from Gordon Town? I’ve done it way back in high school when I was young and sprightly! Those days were fun.

IrieDiva travels to Holywell Park and gives you the tips and tricks to make the most of your visit. See pics of the stream!

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