I love it when I get reader feedback and questions.  Someone was wondering how to accessorize their print romper when they landed on this site. I’ll be glad to help yah! Before I start any post I normally do some googling myself to get ideas and do research but I thought this should be one I can easily handle myself.

Now, one of the reasons many of us live for neutral staple pieces is because you can throw the whole accessory book at it to change up the look all together! But what about when you find a piece that is printed and to die for? Well, the reverse holds true, keep your accessories simple! Simple doesn’t have to mean boring mind you, but if you have one fabulous statement piece then you try to keep the rest of the outfit muted to let the statement piece…well…make its statement!

A few tips off the top of my head:

  • if the print is light and summery, keep the accessories light and summery as well. Taupe/nude shoes, wooden, pearl or other natural elements type of jewellery that’s light in colour, or white accessories are always fresh.
  • if it is a darker print then black accessories are #hawt…. you could also do gold or bronze or a darker wood.
  • try to keep all the accessories matching or at least in the same colour family (white, mother of pearl, off-white…banana yellow, soft yellow, mustard) that kind of thing.
  • you could pick a colour from the pattern and wear accessories within that colour family
  • you could also go bare, with maybe just a watch or some earrings. Some pieces need no help

Let’s look at some examples…

Black and White Leopard Dress with Coral Shoes

Simple with a matchy matchy purse and cute contrasting pumps.

Floral Dress with Red Pumps


Matching pumps and quirky sunglasses. I agree with the blogger on this one, really love this fresh summer look. Some choices I picked out below:

accessoryFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

accessory by Irie Diva featuring Diane Von Furstenberg dresses

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