A friend of mine recently went through my blog looking for tips to share with her teenage cousins on how to colour block and I realise I’ve never really done a post on how to throw such a look together, though I’ve featured many great and not so great colour blocked looks on the blog. Today I correct that and post what I think is a basic guide to colour blocking.

However, instead putting together outfits or showing you my boring old face again, I’ve decided to bring you new blood! Jillian is one of my favourite outfit bloggers, her style is great and I just want to have her body and live in her closet for a few days…weeks….forever?

What I love about her colour block looks is that she keeps it all simple and classic. She’s not trying to throw every colour in her closet on at the same time and for each look here, there are neutral elements throughout to help you keep it simple.

If you’re a colour blocking newbie or a little timid to mix and match different colours I think this is a great way to go. Notice here, that even the accessories are kept neutral giving the two colours the chance to shine.

She adds a neon purse here to spice up this ‘fit. I love everything about this outfit, you know I love me some blue shoes! I reached out to Jillian to get her thoughts on colour-blocking:

Thank you so much for taking the time out to feature me. I’m so excited. I think color-blocking works best when there is a solid neutral color to anchor the outfit. I prefer to wear my anchor color up top but anchoring a color-blocked outfit with a solid neutral colored shoe or pant works just as well. Either way, I think the key to color-blocking is wearing the colors that you love.

Three great looks to help you begin colour blocking if you’ve never tried it before or are a little shy! Don’t you just love Jillian’s style? I have a bonus pic for all us Jamaicans, I found out while perusing Jillian’s blog that she got married in Jamaica! Check out this pic, it is TOO fab! Sweet sweet Jamaica! Check out her fab blog NuSophisticate!


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