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How to go from a par to the club

Club and Par ready..check!

Or….what not to wear to a par.

Last night, I went to Suzies, the real Uptown Mondays par. Not only is the location uptown, so are the people. It was packed. Suzies is a local coffee shop and pastry joint that has an open-air bar out front. On Monday nights the “cool” kids come out to show up and mingle amongst themselves. It’s quite the hot spot…there’s music bumping, DJ Supahype is normally on the 1s and 2s and all night “mojito specials” but let’s not get it twisted, it is a lyme…a par…not a party that requires you to go the skripper part of your closet and bring out the mini and the 5 inch heels.

We have to be more creative, you can be sexy, you can be attention-grabbing, without looking a damn fool. And if you think you may end up hitting the club after the lyme there are ways to transition without looking overdressed at a par.

So lets see…..

to the club:


pon di endz:


to a party:


to a hot spot lyme:


Are we following here? Some people were out looking like


When this would have been so much cuter, more comfortable and appropriate


If you think you may end up at the club after then, by all means, wear your freakum dress to the par but throw on some flats and a fierce blazer or a cute cardi with it and not only are you casual chic, but a 1..2 step to club banger with little effort and car clutter.

There was a good mix of eclectic, cute and casual dressing but some people were really trying too. damn. hard. I’ve got my eyes on you!

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