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How-to: Homemade Whipped Shea Hair and Body Butter


While I’m on the path of trying to find the best all-natural cleansing method for my face that’s not too labour-intensive, I have definitely found the holy grail when it comes to body and hair butters and so I’m sharing with you today. I’ve actually shared the ingredients in a few prior posts but today I dedicate an entire post with a break down and I’ll even include a video link that inspired me to begin making my own whipped shea so you can get the visual.


 I start with all-natural shea butter and usually make two batches. Since I know now that coconut oil irritates my face, I separate the batches. They need to be different consistencies anyway. For my body lotion I use Shea butter, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Coconut Oil, and then whatever other oils I happen to have on hand. My last batch also had grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil. I want my lotion to be a consistency that can be squeezed out of a bottle so I want a runnier consistency than my hair butter. Of course if you like a thicker body butter kind of consistency you would use less oil. Here’s the ratio my lotion mix looked like:


This is in my small magic bullet cup, let her rip! Remember that once you’re done and you’ve bottled your mix it will thicken up some as it settles so always try and get it a little runnier than you’d want.


Use up them old bottles. My hair mix has pretty much the same ingredients with the exception of the coconut oil. I don’t want that to get onto my face as it causes me to break out so I leave it out. Remember, all-natural, raw coconut oil is great for skincare so don’t be afraid to try it out on your face/in your hair and see if it works for you, everybody has a different experience.


My hair butter went right back into this container. This is a 32oz container of shea butter that goes for around $1000JMD and lasts me about 6 months, I purchased it at Earth Elements.  Give this a try! Even if you’re simply whipping the shea with coconut oil or olive oil, that in itself is a phenomenal healing, all-natural product that you made yourself and trust me this butter is luxurious, lasts all day and makes my skin feel so soft and supple. They say it helps with eczema and scars and stretch marks and all of that too, which I can attest to because munchkin’s eczema is being kept at bay. I haven’t been using it on any areas that I have stretchmarks but I simply love the way my legs feel after I rub down 😉 You can also add your favourite essential oils for a bit of scent and more healing power if you’d like. I like to use jasmine or sweet orange. I want to experiment with adding mango and cocoa butter to the mix as well.

The hair butter works better than anything I have ever put in munchkin’s hair as a sealant. My hair doesn’t take much at this stage to remain moisturized but when I use this in munchkin’s kinkier hair she’s guaranteed to have the best hair ever. After I co-wash her hair, I add in whatever leave-in conditioner then some castor oil/coconut/olive oil mix to help seal and soften the hair and then this butter over all that. It keeps her hair soft and moisturized the entire time that I am combing her hair, whether doing plaits or canerows.

Are you convinced? Think you’ll be trying this out? Lemme know! Click here for a video I watched before I dived in, just to get an idea of what oils to use and what to expect.



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3 thoughts on “How-to: Homemade Whipped Shea Hair and Body Butter

  1. Love your experiments.

    I can tell you that Shea makes your skin so soft. I had been using cocoa butter for many years because lotion did nothing for my dry skin. I switched to Shea for a year now. Love it!! I like to add Vitamin E oil to my Shea butter or I mix the Shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E.
    I also add some bio oil to the mix when I have it. Way better than lotion. It keeps those knees and elbows moist when taking those pics!

  2. @Sam.. I mix with the bio oil as well.. At first it was just me THINKING I was gettign creative with my raw shea butter. I mean I bought it for my hair and realized in its raw state it would help my daughter’s eczema itch and then I had a bottle of bio oil lying around and tossed some of that in… The bio oil also gives it a nice lil fragrance.

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