As I’m sitting here randomly flipping thru the pages of one of my favourite online shopping sites, I see this cute, flirty little number and think how relaxed and trendy the model looks. I know my hubby is somewhere shaking his head that I would gravitate yet again to an animal print, I tell you I love the stuff!

I love how her tummy is peeking out at the bottom of the shirt but of course I could never wear such a style. I’m about 9 or 10 sizes away from this tiny little thing in her size 2 jeans… So I’m thinking to myself, how can I wear this top while still looking cute and effortless? And I came up with a few ways. 


Crop top


One of them was to pair it with something high-waisted. The glam little black top on the left looks really cute paired with this jewel toned green skirt that I may shy away from wearing usually since its sure to show a pouch but with a loose, flowy top over it concealing any muffin tops and pulling your eye away from that general area, this would definitely work.

Same with the orange top, I like the idea of pairing it with a bottom that has a busy waist. You’ll get an opportunity to show it off while once again concealing that troublesome area. Of course some fierce pumps will complete your look and once again pull eyes away from the mid-section.

As I wrote this post I remembered I actually have a cropped top so I ran to throw it on and test my theory. Don’t expect any glammed up pics…I’m just sitting here in my pjs writing a post 🙂

Tres cute! If I do say so myself…I would need an actual blazer to pair with it as this cardigan that’s now too big for me wasnt giving me anything (but hallelujahs for my weight loss) but I think with some cute accessories I’d be banging in the club! Yay me for finding an all new outfit in my closet! I’ve only ever been brave enough to wear these shorts out once, I dunno if I could do it again…but I do like the idea!

Are you feeling inspired to purchase a few cropped tops?


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