I’m already bored of the red. Actually, it’s because it’s pretty much back to the copper colour I started out with after trying to tone down the bright red I initially got. I wish I hadn’t. I’m really contemplating going back for that fire engine or maybe a change. I’m really not meant to be a red head and probably won’t be happy again til I’m the blonde that I truly am but I’m seeing some colours out there that seem fun and are calling my name. 

This image popped up on my FB timeline recently and set me on a tumblr search for different colours. I love this pink/puple colour!

I traced the origins to this post here, you can click to see more pics. I want my pink to be that bright, as in, just like the above pic. Get my Nikki Minaj on. If you look at her other pics, you can see where it may be because of the sunlight in this angle why it seems so bright here.

BGLH also did a post today of a chica with turquoise hair! I think it’s sooooooooooo cool and I’m trying to figure out if I love the pink or the blue more. What do you think?

Maybe I should revisit my original red? I really didn’t play around with it much…

 Found this here. Gorgeous. Hmmm….. Ultimately I want to end up with something like this:

 Spotted here. Or fully this:

Oh yeah babe! Spotted here. But I’m enjoying tasting the rainbow first, I’ll be a blonde for the long haul I believe, so just a little fun before 😀

Loving any of the above colours?


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