I don’t even need the little feather tassle, that’s optional but these shoes are to. die. for. TO. DIE. FOR. Ok maybe not to die for. I saw them pop up in my FB timeline from Gojane.com recently and as soon as I clicked over my size was already sold out!!! I’m in love! I’m devastated! Aren’t they fab?

They come in coral too:

I can pass on these, they’re cute too but the teal is really calling my name and the shoe is such a steal at only $23.60!!! I know!!! Ok so that means it will probably only last me through the summer, maybe into Christmas, but with such bright and trendy colours that is exactly the type of price you want to pay because this won’t exactly be a staple piece in your closet.

These are cute too, maybe they will scratch my itch? You like?

Sigh. I NEEEEEED those teal shoes. 🙁 Anyone have a link to anything similar? Help a girl in love out!


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